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SCEE Announce Ghostbusters as a PS3 Timed Exclusive

SCEE Announce Ghostbusters as a PS3 Timed Exclusive 100°
304w ago - SCEE have announced that Ghostbusters: The Game will be exclusive to the PLAYSTATION 3 and PlayStation 2 for a timed period.

SCEE will publish the PS3, PS2 and PSP versions of the game, but Atari insist that the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii versions are not canned and will still come out at a later date.

To quote: Incase you dont know, Ghostbusters was a Columbia Movie Studios IP and Columbia is owned by Sony Pictures. Anyways, the game will be out on June 19th, the same week the Blu-ray version of Ghostbusters comes out, marking the 25th anniversary of the movie.

But no confirmation has been made yet if it's the same for SCEA or SCEJ, but we've asked Sony and Atari for comment.



• Eagerly Anticipated Software Releasing Exclusively on Two PlayStation Platforms in June for the 25th Anniversary of Original Hit Movie
• Original Cast of the Hit Movie Come Back Together to Do Battle With the Supernatural on the Streets of Manhattan
• PSP Version Coming Autumn 2009

LONDON, UK - 6th May 2009 - Sony Computer...

Video: Qore Episode 12: Batman, DiRT 2, Ghostbusters, Euphoria

Video: Qore Episode 12: Batman, DiRT 2, Ghostbusters, Euphoria 50°
304w ago - PlayStation Network Executive Producer Kevin Furuichi shared a Qore Episode 12 preview video today via PlayStation Blog covering Batman: Arkham Asylum, DiRT 2, Ghostbusters and Euphoria.

To quote: If you're interested in busting the Joker, busting a tire, busting ghosts or busting a tackle, we've got you covered this month!

Enter the Asylum
Arkham Asylum. It's the place where Batman's most psychotic foes are kept under lock and key...at least, until the Joker takes control. Developer Rocksteady Games brings us inside the Gotham City landmark–the location of their upcoming game.

Who You Gonna Call?
It may have been twenty years since the Ghostbusters last strapped on their proton packs, but the films have not been forgotten. Audrey Cleo catches up with Dan Aykroyd about his contributions as writer and voice actor in the new game that's revitalized the beloved franchise.

Take a Spin
Veronica Belmont also visits Codemasters in the UK for an early look at the next iteration in its DiRT rally racing...

NYCC 09: Ghostbusters: The Video Game PS3 Progress Report

NYCC 09: Ghostbusters: The Video Game PS3 Progress Report 50°
316w ago - I'm following Ghostbusters: The Video Game closer than any human being should be and that I'm getting pretty good at spotting even the tiniest of changes.

Let's take today's New York Comic-Con demo as an example. I was handed the controller, the demo started up, and I immediately identified the level as one I wrote a great deal about on April 28, 2008.

This is the one where Ray and the recruit are battling through an architect's office, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man shows up, and the boys duke it out with some pesky poltergeists on the roof. Good stuff, but something I've already seen.

However, it was immediately noticeable that the game looked better. Since Terminal Reality began showing off Ghostbusters, there have been some aliasing issues with the proton pack and new recruit's head - oftentimes it looks shimmery like a mosaic. Today, things looked markedly smoother and more realistic.

Now, this level makes use of the PKE Meter quite a bit, so when I whipped it out and the game dropped into first-person mode, I was surprised to find an overhauled point of view. Gone is the clear-goggle setup that basically spotted spectral trails out of thin air; in its place is a binocular-looking setup with a green tint and crosshairs...

Confirmed: Ghostbusters Game Launch Date is on June 19, 2009

Confirmed: Ghostbusters Game Launch Date is on June 19, 2009 50°
321w ago - Update: It now appears the game will hit stores on June 19, according to a separate press release from the game's publisher, Atari.

Sony has confirmed via a press release this week that the upcoming videogame adaptation of Ghostbusters will be released simultaneously alongside the Blu-ray version of the original film on June 16, 2009.

Spotted by eagle eyed bloggers at Joystiq.com, the press release reads: "The simultaneous [June 16] launch of Ghostbusters: The Video Game, the highly anticipated videogame from Atari, celebrates the film's 25th anniversary."

Featuring a script penned by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Rami, Ghostbusters: The Video Game kicks of two years after the events of Ghostbusters II with players filling the shoes of a new recruit hired to test drive one of Egon's latest gizmos.

Naturally - or perhaps we should say, supernaturally - the team soon find themselves combating an array of iconic spooks and ghastly ghouls including Slimer, the Library Ghost and Stay Puft Marshmellow Man.

In order to maintain continuity with the films, all four original actors will be reprising their roles in the game, including Bill Murray (Peter Venkman) and Ernie Hudson (Winston Zeddemore).

Video: Ghostbusters - Atari Live HD Trailer Now Available

Video: Ghostbusters - Atari Live HD Trailer Now Available 50°
326w ago - Atari has made available a new Ghostbusters: The Video Game trailer today.

As recently reported, the game will be released in June 2009 and is slated to hit PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 care of developer Terminal Reality, with Red Fly Studios handling the PS2, Wii and Nintendo DS editions.

Those interested can check out the Ghostbusters - Atari Live Trailer below courtesy of dpadmagazine via DailyMotion.

Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!


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