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EA Support Confirms No Game Bans Resulting from Forum Bans 50°
October 31, 2008 // 4:15 pm - Recently it was reported that if you were banned from the EA Forums you were also going to be banned from playing their games online.

Today EA Apoc has confirmed this initial statement was inaccurate and a mistake, to quote:

Hey everyone,

If you didn't notice, your C&C Community Manager, me, had a bit of a run-in with the video game blogging media today in reference to a direct quote I made on our forums here a few days ago in regards to how we handle...


EA Forum Bans Equating to Being Banned from EA Games 50°
October 29, 2008 // 10:33 pm - Although this is nearly two weeks old, we missed it so here it is... According to eaapoc from the official Electronic Arts boards (linked above) a new policy will see EA simultaneously banning people from both the forums and EA games.

So for example, if you have SPORE or Red Alert 3 and get banned from the forums or in-game, then your SPORE/Red Alert 3 account will be banned too. EA states this is part of their plan to make people play nice and act mature.

To quote: Well, its actually going to be a bit nastier for those who get banned.

Your forum...


Thailand Bans GTA IV 200°
August 6, 2008 // 2:03 am - Copies of Grand Theft Auto IV have been pulled in Thailand after a teenager confessed to murdering a taxi driver. The 18-year-old high school student is accused of stabbing the cab driver to death by trying to copy a scene from the game.

The biggest video game publisher in the south-east Asian country, New Era Interactive Media, has told retailers to stop selling GTA IV. It is due to be replaced by another video game title.

Thai newspapers say the teenager, whose name has been withheld, was arrested while trying to steer a cab backwards out of a Bangkok street with the...


Update on recent 360 bannings, altered C/R timer, affects Kreon rips 50°
December 3, 2007 // 4:08 pm - A bug in the Kreon ripping firmware has been found and it is possible that a Stealth360 verified game could get you banned. Updates for the ripping programs and mulleter are in the works.

Until then, you can use this checker to test your ss.bin files.

Download: KreonChecker for X-Box 360

1. Load the KreonChecker.exe
2. Click on the Check button.
3. Select the ss.bin file.
4. It'll either be good or bad.

Commodore4eva has noticed a recent...


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