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Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Web site opens! 50°
October 21, 2007 // 5:41 pm - Sony has launched the official Web site for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue at today.

There are new screenshots, videos, info on game content and the new TV feature as well as a first-look at the official box art (pictured below).


GT5 Demo Available on Japanese PS store 50°
October 20, 2007 // 11:53 am - From GT Planet email: If you haven't heard the latest GT news, listen up: the new Gran Turismo 5: Prologue demo was just released today! It is available now as a free download from the Japanese PlayStation Store, and features the Suzuka race circuit with seven brand new cars. If you don't have a Japanese PlayStation account, don't worry - we've posted a complete how-to guide so you can start downloading the game in minutes, regardless of where you are!



Loads of new Gran Turismo pictures 50°
October 19, 2007 // 12:50 pm - Japanese website Impress Watch (linked above) has posted up a decent amount of new screenshots of the new Gran Turismo game, which is of course heading exclusively to the PS3. Enjoy!


Gran Turismo TV Revealed! 50°
October 16, 2007 // 10:34 pm - By now you've already read our news on GT 5 Prologue Release Date and Free Demo. Just as we expected, more and more information the new Gran Turismo for PS3 is slowly leaving Sony HQ. We've learned even more about the upcoming downloadable demo, but more importantly, what will make it into the final game.

Sony's production team has been making the rounds at different automakers, that's nothing too earth-shaking, but the big news is that Gran Turismo 5 will finally inject some personality into the series. We confirmed that the team is hitting carmakers and interviewing key individuals...


Gran Turismo 5 Prologue demo, free download Oct. 24th 50°
October 13, 2007 // 4:33 pm - Big news from the world of Gran Turismo. With the Tokyo Motor Show only a week away, Sony is already prepping for a huge unveiling on October 24th. There are rumors around what Sony could possibly be revealing, but for now the more important news at hand is the fact that GT5 Prologue will be a downloadable demo as of October 20th. That's right, a free download. That explains why Gran Turismo HD was removed from the PlayStation store on September 30th.

Chances are that this is the same demo shown at Tokyo Game Show (TGS). Most of you who didn't attent TGS will be able to see calendar...


Gran Turismo HD to be Removed in Japan 50°
September 27, 2007 // 6:49 pm - Gran Turismo HD was initially intended as a limited time Christmas present of sorts for early PlayStation 3 adopters, but some nine months later, the free download is still available via the PlayStation Store. However, with Gran Turismo 5: Prologue on the horizon, Gran Turismo HD's days appear to be numbered -- at least in Japan.

GameLife reports that Sony will remove the title from the PlayStation Store in Japan this Sunday, September 30th. No word yet on whether the North American version of Gran Turismo HD will...


Gran Turismo 5 Prologue TGS 07 Trailer! 50°
September 20, 2007 // 6:11 pm - TeamGT recently added this from the Tokyo Game Show, commenting: Smooth turns and even smoother cars, GT5 Prologue is looking good.

Anyone agree? At the end of the video it shows 12/13/2007.. guess we'll find out then!


Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Hands-On! 50°
August 27, 2007 // 2:17 pm - There are two versions of Sony's upcoming real driving simulator Gran Turismo 5 Prologue here at the 2007 Leipzig Games Convention, though it's probably fairer to call them slightly different aspects of the same game. In fact, if you want to be entirely accurate, you could say that there are actually three versions of the Gran Turismo series, if you count the downloadable Gran Turismo demo that's currently available on the PlayStation Network. Nonetheless, as we were roaming the massive Sony space in Hall 3 of the Leipziger Messe in search of all things Gran Turismo, our focus was on the two versions...


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