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DualShock 3 Rumbling with PS2 Games after All 50°
November 13, 2007 // 2:28 am - While it seems like a natural conclusion to jump to, Sony has never really made any comments one way or another if the new DualShock 3 would rumble while playing PlayStation 2 games. Website PSPSPS is reporting that their brand new DualShock controllers are indeed vibrating with PS2 games; at least on a Japanese PS3. The games were Rez, OutRun 2006, and Katamari Damacy.

That was on a PS3 running the latest firmware, and if OutRun 2006 is vibrating, I'm willing to take a leap and assume the rest of the PS2's...

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Player impressions of the Dualshock 3 50°
November 11, 2007 // 5:10 pm - Yes, it is a lot heavier than the current controllers and feels much more solid. It doesn't feel like you could snap it in two like the original Sixaxis. I just arrived at the office now so I won't be able to take it home and test it for another 8 hours or so. What I noticed just by holding it is that the L2 and R2 buttons are a bit harder to push than before. I bet its going to be easier to control your speed in driving games.

Also when when you push down to click on the analog controllers they feel a bit different than before; sharper somehow. I will post impressions of the actual...

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Importer Warns Of DualShock 3 Import Price Gouging 50°
November 1, 2007 // 4:05 am - New York-based importer National Console Support warns customers today that getting their hands on a Japanese version of the DualShock 3 might be tricky. It writes in its semi-daily news updates that offers from one overseas distributor has the following requirement: "In order to obtain 1 Dual Shock 3, we also have to buy 1 PlayStation 3 40GB console." That's a hefty tax.

NCSX urges caution to rumble-hungry games, warning them to wait until stock levels off or distributors offer more sane pricing schemes.

One of its biggest competitors, Play-Asia, is no longer soliciting...

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Metal Gear Solid 4 sneaks in PS3 Dual Shock 3 rumble 50°
October 24, 2007 // 2:32 pm - Konami Corp. last week debuted the English version of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots at E for All and snuck in the first public test of Sony Corp.'s Dual Shock 3 controller in the demonstration.

The new controller includes rumble left out of the Sixaxis controller due to litigation between Sony and Immersion Corp. that has since been resolved.

The Dual Shock 3 features the same shell as the Sixaxis controller and the new rumble technology makes it a bit heavier than the best-selling Dual Shock 2 controller.

The inclusion of Dual Shock 3 rumble in...

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Insane Ruling: Plastic Wii Zapper Gun Toy Gets PEGI 18 Rating 50°
October 19, 2007 // 2:33 pm - Playing cowboys and native American indigenous peoples (Injuns - to the unreconstructed) with plastic pretend guns was about the best fun you could have as a six-year old growing up in the wilds of South Yorkshire, SPOnG fondly remembers (perhaps with slightly rose-tinted specs).

Alas, with the modern fear and moral panic over everything and anything to do with guns, it seems that children will not be allowed to play with Nintendo's new Wii Zapper, which is to be slapped with a PEGI 18-rating when it comes out next month.

Perhaps the ban makes a little more sense when...

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Limited Edition Halo 3 Controllers - Hi-res Images 50°
September 22, 2007 // 4:41 pm - Microsoft sent Gamespy an early Halo 3-related treat. The Special Edition Halo 3-themed wireless controllers and wireless headset are already available at retail stores across the country, so Gamespy have taken some hi-res photos to let you see how cool they really are.

Here are some pics.

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Mouse Controller for PS3 Revealed 50°
September 19, 2007 // 1:30 pm - I've searched ps3news for this bit of mouse controller and couldnt find it, so im posting it here. The right-handed mouse controller has a complete set of PS3 buttons, and will bring PC-style shooting to the PS3.

Peripheral maker SplitFish today unveiled the upcoming FragFX game controller for the PS3. The device features a seperate right handed mouse and detachable left handed grip controller, ideal for experiencing traditional PC mouse and keyboard style gameplay in shooters.

The mouse is also optimized for navigation in the recently announced PlayStation Home virtual...

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