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Rumor: First Wave of Microsoft Job Cuts to Affect XBox Division 50°
330w ago - According to an insider, Team XBox has the scoop that the first wave of Microsoft job cuts will hit the Entertainment and Devices division, including Xbox, Zune and Windows mobile.

But as they point out, its a bit surprising as the division experienced good revenue growth last quarter.

To quote: Yesterday, we told you that Microsoft will cut 5,000 jobs over the next 18 months, with 1,400 of those being cut as early as...

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Rumor: Mass Effect Trilogy Coming to the PlayStation 3 Console 50°
331w ago - SecondStoryGamer (linked above) is reporting a 'fairly reliable source' close to EA has told them that the sequel of Mass Effect and future versions in the series will be available on Sony's PS3 as well as the XBox 360 and PC.

Apparently, EA decided to go multi-platform because of the state of the economy, and they want to squeeze as much money as possible out of their games.

To quote: A fairly reliable source close to...

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Rumor: Left 4 Dead Coming to the PlayStation 3 Console? 300°
331w ago - Update: Added the other two pictures from GW including the N4G screen.

By now Left 4 Dead has had enough publicity for people to know that it's an exclusive to the 360. Now, that may have changed.

An N4G poster by the handle of Graphics Whore has stated that the zombie killing mayhem may have found it's way to PS3.

Normally, forum posts are ignored and called all sorts of childish names,...

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Rumor: Rockstar Ready to Release Next GTA by End of 2009 250°
331w ago - The latest Game Informer suggests that Rockstar North is already working on the next Grand Theft Auto video game, which could be ready for release during the Holiday season.

GameInformer added they are not talking about new DLC, but a fully blown new retail game.

To quote: According to Loose Talk in the latest Game Informer, RockStar North is already working on the next instalment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise,...

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Rumor: Nintendo Developing a Direction Sensing DS Card? 200°
331w ago - A trademark has popped up on Japan's trademark database, registered by Nintendo.

The trademark is for "DS Houi Sensor Card" and in Japanese, Houi means direction, so this has led to speculation that Nintendo is planning its own motion sensing card for the Nintendo DS.

To quote: A curious trademark popped up in Japan's trademark database one registered by Nintendo for a "DS Houi Sensor Card". Houi is Japanese for direction...

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Rumor: Nintendo DSi U.S. Launch Date and Price Revealed 50°
331w ago - IGN (linked above) is reporting that multiple sources close to Nintendo have told them that the Nintendo DSi is set to be available in America from April 4th and priced at $179.99.

To quote: Multiple sources close to Nintendo tell IGN that the company is gearing up to debut the anticipated successor to its DS Lite handheld during the first half of this year in America.

More specifically, the company has allegedly relayed...

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Rumor: PS2 Software Emulator Coming to Sony's PlayStation 3 650°
332w ago - To compliment an article from earlier today, a member of NeoGAF known as mephesta claims he was told by a Sony rep that they may be eventually be putting out a PS2 emulator for the PlayStation 3 console.

Apparently, as the PS2 has about one year left...

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Rumor: Sony May Release a White PlayStation 3, Model CECHH01 100°
333w ago - The folks over at CrunchGear diligently dug into FCC filings to find out that Sony is exploring the possibility of adding a ceramic white PlayStation 3 (Model CECHH01) to their...

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