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PSP Custom Firmware Extender v1.4 released! 50°
September 22, 2007 // 6:06 pm - Cpasjuste has released an update to the multi-featured Custom Firmware Extender, a custom firmware plugin that allows users to run an ftpd from the PSP, access USB mass storage at startup, take screenshots in the XMB or while playing a UMD game, and now even capture in-game videos!

Download: Custom Firmware Extender 1.4


- Tested on M33 52-4 custom firmware.
- Fixed some bugs and probably added some.
- Capture folder for screenshots can now be...

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PSP Firmware v3.71 Decrypted; PSAR Dumper updated! 50°
September 13, 2007 // 7:05 pm - Today M33 have decrypted v3.71 Firmware, and below are the details from their PSAR Dumper update:

Download: PSARDumper v3.7x [Archive Pass: PSARDUMPER_FOR_NEW_AGE]

This is a recode of psardumper for 2.XX & 3.XX kernels.

If you are in a cfw of the fat psp, be sure to put it in GAME3XX or in GAME if you have it configured for 3.XX kernel.

Support for 3.7X decryption has also been added.

The instructions are same as for original psardumper, except that you don't need...

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PSP Firmware v3.71 Update released! 50°
September 13, 2007 // 12:21 am - Following the PS3 Firmware update today, Sony has also updated to PSP Firmware v3.71. Once again, although the official changelog isn't available just yet it's believed the only change is as follows in this revision:

  • A correction has been made to the settings for some regions.

    Download: PSP Firmware v3.71 Update (US) / PSP Firmware v3.71 Update (EU)

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    PSP Firmware v3.70 update out now! 50°
    September 10, 2007 // 11:43 pm - Although there is no official changelog just yet, PSP Firmware v3.70 is now available for download directly from Sony servers.

    Download: PSP Firmware v3.70 Update (US) / PSP Firmware v3.70 Update (EU)

    Unofficial changelog includes:

  • You can now set custom theme in Theme Settings
  • Support...

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    PSP Custom Firmware 3.10 Wizards out! 50°
    September 10, 2007 // 7:56 pm - From the ReadMe: - New Multi-Recovery Mode.

    Download: Custom Firmware 3.10 Wizards


    -Recovery Wizards
    -Recovery M33
    -Recovery WildCard
    -Extra Applications

    *Recovery Wizards:

    New rcovery never sight, new extra options:

    -Include all necesary files to make a recovery to firmware 1.50.
    -Can create a Boot Recovery, can fit your Boot Recovery on your XMB.
    -Flash 2 and 3 acces.
    -Can make a backup from Flash 0,1,2,3.

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    PSP Slim and Lite Firmware Dumped! 50°
    September 6, 2007 // 4:31 pm - To quote: "What's that? The new firmware on the PSP Slim and Lite has been dumped in less than 24 hours, by none other than Dark_AleX.

    How was this done? That'll remain a secret, but considering there is no firmware 3.60 EBOOT even available, you can draw the line from there.

    Alex has no intention of releasing details on how to dump the firmware at this point, due to the fact he is retired from the scene after all, but at the very least it will offer inspiration to other homebrew teams such as M33 and Wildc*rd."

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