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Portable VNC v1.2.7 for PSP released! 50°
381w ago - Zx-81 has released a minor bug fix update to Portable VNC for PSP. Portable VNC enables users to remotely access their PC desktop via the PSP.

Version 1.2.7 is a bug fix release that improves compatibility with IR keyboards and 3.X kernel-based Firmware. The changelog is detailed below:

Download: Portable VNC v1.2.7 for CFW / Portable...

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The PSP Comeback? 50°
389w ago - With Nintendo's DS hogging the handheld spotlight, it's easy to overlook how the PSP is actually becoming more viable in the marketplace.

Sony's Playstation Portable has rocked somewhat on rough water since it was unveiled at E3 2004. It had to fight automatic skepticism from its birth; the immense popularity of the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance long ago solidified Nintendo as the King of the Handheld Market. Similar hardware from Sega,...

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Final Fantasy News For Sony PSP 50°
389w ago - Square Enix Ltd. has made the announcement that Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II will be released as individual games in the UK and in other PAL territories on the PSP.

The announcement came on behalf of the publisher Square Enix. The announcement stated that Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II will be released separately in all PAL territories and in the UK in early 2008 on the Sony PSP handheld.

The new versions will have...

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Sears Black Friday ad reveals two new DS Lites 50°
390w ago - Annual pre-"Black Friday" bargain hunting has started among predatory shoppers, and we're already reaping the benefits of shoppers' insane vigilance. This detail from a Sears ad has revealed two new DS hardware configurations. We already knew of the gold Phantom Hourglass box, but this is the firmest confirmation we've seen from an actual retailer.

More interesting is the reveal of a metallic pink Nintendogs: Best Friends Edition bundle...

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Thanko Charger Bracelet, let's bring power to your PSP anywhere! 50°
390w ago - What about having the possibility to give up to 28h of extra juice to your DS lite, or 4.5h to your PSP while on the go?

Well this is exactly what the Charger Bracelet from Thanko is supposed to do in a very nifty way, since our battery must be used as a bracelet watch (for example)...

More pics at link at the top of this news!

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SOCOM Tactical Strike Goes Gold! 50°
391w ago - From the official blog: Hi everyone! I am pleased to announce that SOCOM Tactical Strike for PSP has gone gold! The game is done, and will be on shelves in North America on November 6th. This is Slant Six's inaugural release, and the whole studio is very excited!

This game has been two years of hard work, and we hope that SOCOM gamers and fans of tactical shooters everywhere will give it a try. In addition to playing as the US Navy...

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We test drive the PSP's component cable 50°
391w ago - Back in July Sony announced that the new Slim PSP would come complete with a video out port, allowing users to plug the PSP into a TV and see everything on a big screen.

However, the cable required to do this, a PSP component cable, has been hard to get hold of. We had to get ours from Ebay. But now we've got it and put it to the test, we have to say, we're suitably impressed.

For £12.99, the price of the official cable,...

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Old Zune users get ALL the new features! 50°
394w ago - From Gizmodo:

"The first generation 30GB Zune–which 1.2 million of you already purchased–is getting all the new Zune's features. All. Sure, the new Zune is more of a half step forward than a completely new design. But Microsoft's done something fantastic here by rewarding first gen buyers with cool new stuff that also happens to be free by software upgrade. And talk about spin– Microsoft just took a middling jump in hardware and...

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Amazon launches DRM-free music download store 50°
395w ago - "Amazon MP3 Offers Over 2 Million Songs From More Than 180,000 Artists and Over 20,000 Labels, Including EMI Music and Universal Music Group. Most songs are priced from 89 cents to 99 cents, with more than 1 million of the 2 million songs priced at 89 cents. The top 100 best-selling songs are 89 cents, unless marked otherwise. Most albums are priced from $5.99 to $9.99. The top 100 best-selling albums are $8.99 or less, unless marked otherwise."

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