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Best Buy inFamous PS3 Sale: Only $29.99 on June 30 to July 2!

Best Buy inFamous PS3 Sale: Only $29.99 on June 30 to July 2! 650°
298w ago - Update: It looks like this deal is only going to be running in Canada, but hopefully Best Buy will run a similar deal in the United States.

Word is that one of the biggest electronic retail stores will be selling inFAMOUS at a reduced price of $29.99 for a short period of time real soon... to quote:

Well, I have received word that Best Buy will be selling it for only $29.99 June 30 to July 2, so if you have not picked up your copy yet, I would wait until then to get it half off.

A scan of the full advertisement page is below.

King of Fighters XII Hits Sony PS3 And XBox 360 in July, 2009

King of Fighters XII Hits Sony PS3 And XBox 360 in July, 2009 100°
313w ago - Entertainment has just announced a July 2009 worldwide release for King of Fighters XII, the impossibly gorgeous first HD entry in SNK Playmore's long-running 2D fighting series, on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

To quote: The fighter features 20 playable characters, all of whom appear as newly redrawn sprites, fighting in equally impressive 2D backgrounds.

According to the press release, preview footage and images for this unbelievably hot game are included in the PS2 release of King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match, itself a fairly nice-looking KOF - which happens to be out today.


U.S. NPD Sales Watch - January to July 2008

U.S. NPD Sales Watch - January to July 2008 100°
340w ago - Welcome to QSF5's U.S. NPD Sales Watch 2008 feature. Using numbers provided by the NPD Group, this feature will provide a quick glance of the U.S. videogame hardware situation throughout the 2008 year

The NPD Group, Inc. (formerly National Purchase Diary) is a leading global market research company providing consumer and retail information to manufacturers and retailers. Using actual sales data from retailers and distributors as well as consumer-reported purchasing behavior, NPD offers consumer panel and retail sales tracking services, special reports, modeling and analytics, and custom research.

Which company moved the most hardware? Is the PS3 gaining ground in the U.S.? How many months did Nintendo top the charts?

These and many other simple questions regarding videogame hardware units sold in the U.S. will be answered via easy to read charts. No long winded writeups, just cut to the chase concise observations and charts for your viewing pleasure.

If you have questions or concerns, please check out the F.A.Q. for more info. View all the charts linked above!

Sony rising: PS3 opens up lead on Xbox 360 in July

Sony rising: PS3 opens up lead on Xbox 360 in July 50°
342w ago - The July NPD sales numbers have been released, and as always, Nintendo dominates in every way, while Microsoft and Sony battle it out for a distant second place. The industry continues to see large growth year over year, with a 35 percent jump in sales for the year to date, and an impressive 48 percent jump in software sales alone. With the large difference between the sales of Nintendo's hardware and software and its two main competitors, one could easily make an argument that Nintendo is to be thanked for much of that growth.

The Nintendo Wii sold 555,000 units in July, while the Nintendo DS sold 608,400 units. While this may look like a dip from last month due to the number of weeks in July, it's still much higher than anyone else on the charts. Games for Nintendo's platforms also make up five of the top ten slots in the software sales, with Wii Fit taking the number two slot with 369,600 units sold, Guitar Hero: On Tour taking the number three slot with 309,700 units sold, Wii Play coming in at number four with the 284,000 units sold, Mario Kart Wii taking the seventh place with 174,500 units sold, and Rock Band for the Wii coming in at number eight with 165,800.

Nintendo properties continue to sell amazingly well, and the Wii version of Rock Band is the only version on the...

NPD: PS3 Outpaces 360 in 1.1B USD for July

NPD: PS3 Outpaces 360 in 1.1B USD for July 50°
342w ago - In the U.S., Sony's console sold 224,900 units versus Xbox 360's 204,800 during the month. PS3 also topped Xbox 360 in June, nearly doubling sales of Microsoft's console that month thanks to the release of PS3 exclusive Metal Gear Solid 4.

In typical fashion, Nintendo Wii handily outsold the two higher-priced consoles with 555,000 units sold in July. Sales of consoles and portable gaming devices drove hardware revenues for June to $446.9 million, a 17 percent year-on-year increase.

Nintendo DS was the top-selling piece of hardware with 608,400 units sold, while PSP and PS2 sold 221,700 and 155,500 units, respectively.

Software growth was in line with analysts' expectations, and showed the greatest sales growth during the month, rising 41 percent to $591.1 million with EA Sports' NCAA Football 09 for Xbox 360 leading the charge at 397,600 units sold.

NCAA outsold the May release Wii Fit, which sold 369,600. Guitar Hero: On Tour for DS sold 309,700 units for a podium finish. Also of note was July's Soul Calibur IV, which sold 218,900 on Xbox 360 and and 155,800 on PS3.

Sales of accessories hit $149.1 million for month, a rise of 19 percent.

July's software sales rankings by units are below:

1. 360 NCAA Football 09, EA: 397.6K
2. Wii Fit...

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