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Video: Far Cry 2 Console Gameplay Footage 100°
August 23, 2008 // 12:50 am - This is a gameplay video from Far Cry 2 showcasing the console version of the game. It comes to us courtesy of ChiddaPotta and the caption reads:

"Gameplay video from Far Cry 2 showcasing the console version of the game."

The video can be seen below from GameTrailers..


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Acer debuts their new 'console' 100°
August 21, 2008 // 9:38 pm - Those of you who frequent the rumor mill will remember reports earlier in the year that PC hardware specialists Acer were going to release a console to compete with the likes of the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Of course it all turned out to be a load of horse shit, but even this outlandish rumour had an element of truth to it. Acer were working on a game specific machine, although it is actually a highly specialized PC and God damn it's a sexy looking thing!

In Sydney this week, we were given a chance to rub its sunset orange Lamborghini-inspired exterior, poke about in its innards...

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Home Access is based on Console Region, not PSN Account 50°
August 15, 2008 // 5:44 pm - PS3Fanboy writes: With the release of the new Home beta, we now have a much clearer idea of how these region restrictions, that we discovered at E3, are being implemented. It seems that the client reacts to your console's native region, locking you out of any Home servers that don't match it. That means that if you're a UK gamer who imported from the US, you'll be spending all of your time with Americans inside Home. If you imported from Japan ... well, you can guess where that's headed.

What we find bizarre is that it's such a strict lock-out, and that you're not given any degree...

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Inside a 60 gig Xbox 360 Console! 50°
August 7, 2008 // 1:25 am - Key points from Ben Heck: Well of course I couldn't resist grabbing one of these, and since I need parts anyway for an upcoming contest, why not?

"60 GIGA PRO-GEAR SPEC" would be a lot catchier.

The big question of course is whether or not this unit has the new 65nm GPU... check out the photos (linked above) to see!

The box. They stuck on a sticker, but the box print has 60 on it as well. I would have put an exclamation point after "hard drive!" but that's just me...

FYI this unit was built on 6-20-08 and is lot # 825.

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Original Mega Man Hits Wii Virtual Console This Week 100°
August 4, 2008 // 4:00 am - Old-school fans of the Blue Bomber are in for a special treat come this week, as Capcom associate producer David Crislip announced that Mega Man will hit the Wii Virtual Console on August 4.

Yes, the 1987 original that started it all.

Additionally, Crislip confirmed that the retro-styled Mega Man 9 will debut in September, along with a re-release of NES classic Mega Man 2, which is often heralded by many as the finest installment in the series.

To quote: To prepare all you Mega Man fans for the release of Mega Man 9 in September, we're going to offer...

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Wii Backups on Unmodded Console; Custom Wii Firmware too?! 100°
July 17, 2008 // 5:46 pm - Bushing wrote an open letter to Nintendo on his site (linked above) stating: As part of our efforts to understand how the Wii works, we believe we have found a security issue that could allow pirated Wii games to be played on an unmodified Wii console.

I would like to speak to an engineer about this – please have one contact me at bushing (at)

P.S. Sorry for posting this publicly – I tried emailing you three times and never received a response. I am trying to follow the model set forth in, so your timely response...

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Xbox 360 Console Now Offers Triple the Storage for Same Price 50°
July 13, 2008 // 11:04 pm - Microsoft Corp. is giving consumers more gigabytes for their buck. The company today announced an Xbox 360 console with triple the storage space of the original console, but for the same price of $349 (U.S.) estimated retail price (ERP).

Available in retail stores in the U.S. and Canada starting in early August, the upgraded Xbox 360 will include a 60GB hard drive for storing the growing wealth of digital entertainment available for the console, including music, movies, television shows and game content.

In addition, Microsoft today dropped the price of its 20GB Xbox...

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Sony Throwing in the Towel on Winning the Console War? 100°
July 12, 2008 // 8:48 pm - Everything is always "subject to change," but if this isn't the smoking gun for Sony cutting their losses this console cycle. Today, Sony's Chief Financial Officer, Nobuyuki Oneda announced that Sony had no plans to cut price on the PlayStation 3.

Speaking to investors in Singapore, Oneda said that "[o]ur strategy is not to sell more quantity for PS3 but to concentrate on profitability. Our plan is not to reduce the price." To be fair, if Sony is indeed looking to cut the price of their system, the last thing they are going to do is advertise the fact that they are...

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