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Sony's Afrika Still Alive, Enlists Composer

Sony's Afrika Still Alive, Enlists Composer 50°
381w ago - We haven't heard much of anything from Sony about their mysterious Afrika game since March. Is it a Pokemon Snap-style photography simulator? Is there actually an adventure game buried in there? Or is it simply Sony's response to the growing popularity of "non-games" in Japan? We, uh, don't really know, but have come across proof the game's definitely still in development; it now has a composer.

By way of the Professional Musicians' Local...
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GoW Chains of Olympus (Combo Fiesta)

GoW Chains of Olympus (Combo Fiesta) 50°
381w ago - Before we get you too excited, we should remind you that GoW Chains of Olympus isn't hitting the PSP until March. With that said, enjoy checking out all these sweet Kratos combos.

While the game looks well-executed on the PSP, my GoW enthusiasm has wained. I actually never finished the sequel, even though I really dug some of the newer elements like the hammer. Maybe the PS3 version's glamorous sheen will reinvigorate my interest in...
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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 trailer is here to disappoint

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 trailer is here to disappoint 50°
381w ago - I enjoyed Rainbow Six Vegas, so I was excited when the sequel was announced. Vegas is just such a bright and vibrant backdrop for a shooter, and the tactical gameplay fit great with the city.

Now, thanks to the Spike Video Game Awards, there's a trailer for Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (embedded below).

Unfortunately, it doesn't show a whole lot that actually pertains...
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PSP Filer v4.51 out now!

PSP Filer v4.51 out now! 50°
381w ago - Mediumgauge has updated PSP Filer today, a file management application designed for PSP which allows users to edit, copy, delete, and transfer files to and from the memory stick and flash memory.

Additions in this release include the ability to calculate SHA-1 hash values, along with various bug fixes that are outlined below.

Download: PSP Filer v4.51...
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Warhawk: Take Three

Warhawk: Take Three 50°
381w ago - Nearly a month ago CJPC posted a Warhawk: Take Two PS3 Dev article.. since then a lot has happened, but due to finals and the holidays most of the resident Devs are too busy to update the news with their progress.

Recently ggparallel has shared the following for those interested- to quote:

Warhawk, is a game for PS3 GAMEOS. The retail...
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