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Revolutionary: 10 Things I Hate About Wii 50°
384w ago - The holidays are a time of giving and love, and it's high time we give the Wii a little bit of tough love. I've thrown criticisms at the console and the big N more than a couple of times, and so far, it looks like most of my gripes are being addressed. This time I'm picking nits for the most stubborn issues many of us are hoping to see rectified, but seem to be on the bottom of the power players' to-do lists.

With games up to the quality...

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Ten things the Xbox 360 does wrong 50°
385w ago - We love the Xbox 360. We really do. It has top games, a great online service, and it's reasonably priced. In fact, last week we identified the 10 things the Xbox 360 does right. Yet we are not blind to its faults. There are many things it does wrong - dead wrong. Rising from a sea of quibbles are the following ten complaints. Serious complaints.

If Microsoft is to realise its grand corporate vision of total media dominance, then it's...

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Fall Dashboard Update Kills My 8th Xbox 360… Yes, 8th 50°
386w ago - I swear to God, I'm so fed up with broken Xbox 360's. This is my damn 8th console to die. MY DAMN 8TH!!!!!!! Quality Assurance my ass. This is ridiculous. This is piss poor product development and testing.

Like I've said before, I haven't had any other systems die on me. Ever. The Xbox 360 is the only system ever to break. And now I've gone through 8 of them. Tonight, after grabbing the new Fall Dashboard Update, it started...

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This Wii Is From The Distant Future 50°
386w ago - Were Tron able to pry himself away from more active pursuits like bike racing and eXtreme frisbee, pretty sure he'd be rocking this Wii.

The work of Acid Mods poster kypes, this mod gives the little console a new black coat of paint, winnowed side panels, an extra SD card slot, in-built GameCube memory card and, as a centrepiece, a whole bunch of soothing, flashing lights. Lovely- video below!

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Ad Watch: Ladies and Gentleman, Let's Reintroduce the PS3 50°
386w ago - The PS3 likely won't outsell the Wii or Xbox 360 this holiday, but thanks to a new price and new ad campaign things are moving in the right direction. We speak with Scott Steinberg, SCEA's VP of Product Marketing, about the latest strategy.

Last year, Sony launched a controversial series of ads for the PS3 centering on the "white room." Very indirect and symbolic, the ads conjured up a wide variety of reactions, not all of them positive....

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Microsoft Warning About the Xbox 360 System Update 50°
386w ago - Microsoft has issued a warning of an unfortunate problem that has been found with one of the features of the new dashboard update for the Xbox 360.

The update allows you to change the email account (Live ID) associated with your Xbox Live Gamertag, which is an incredibly welcome feature, and one that has been requested since the consoles launch.

Right now, however, if you go and change that email account you will in fact...

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10 things the PS3 does right 100°
387w ago - Release those negative vibes; there is plenty for Sony to celebrate.

Do you remember when the PS3 was released? It's hard to believe that after all the pre-release hype, recheduled launch dates and unethical E3 blunders that this upcoming holiday season represents the PS3's first Australian Christmas. It is only eight months old... and even if you want to think globally the machine is only now sucking in the deep ones to blow out...

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PS3 Systems Are In Abundance Post Black Friday 50°
387w ago - Well Black Friday is passed and if tradition serves correctly, it's the day that sets the trends for the holidays. How was the console war affected by Black Friday? Word on the streets is that Wii's are still hard to find, Xbox Premium and Elite systems are nowhere to be found and PS3 systems are everywhere, yet still selling.

If you want to get an 80gb or 40gb PS3, they are in plentiful piles. You can pretty much go to any store...

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Pictures where the PS3 consoles get manufactured? 50°
387w ago - The following images are supposedly from a factory in China where some of the PS3 units are made. The pictures come courtesy of a BBS in China and their validity can not be confirmed.

To quote: The picture on the right shows the sleek and shiny PlayStation 3 by Sony. The picture on the left allegedly shows one of the Chinese factories where the PS3 is made. The pictures are from a BBS in China (see more here)....

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Dusty PS3 kid who was present on Fox News is a paid pro actor 50°
388w ago - Ok, OK, I hate to stir the 'PS3 conspiracy' pot, but I thought people would be interested in this.

Redi Godshaw, the kid with the unusually dusty PS3, is a professional actor and has been paid to act on FOX shows before.

He goes on FOX news, with a horrendously dusty PS3, and it is never mentioned either that A.) He is a professional actor, or B.) His PS3 was far beyond normal levels of 'dusty'.

It just seems...

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