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Tekken 6 Anna vs Bob PS3/Arcade!

Tekken 6 Anna vs Bob PS3/Arcade! 100°
369w ago - Check out this cool video from GameTrailers below..

Enjoy guys!


PS3 UT3 Mutator Action Cam v1.0 released!

PS3 UT3 Mutator Action Cam v1.0 released! 100°
369w ago - Courtesy of fall: Play Unreal Tournament 3 from an over the shoulder view, like Gears of War or Mass Effect. This new camera view enhances the action and really brings you into the fight!

Enter the battle with an over the shoulder camera and see the Action from an all new perspective! Action Cam is designed to offer better visibility, depth, and feedback to the player than the normal first person view, and offers pixel-perfect accuracy.

Action Cam v1.0 is released onto our favorite console and ready for the masses to play around with! Thanks to StuntF50 for helping test the PS3 version, as I don't own one.

Download: PS3 UT3 Mutator Action Cam v1.0

To install on your PS3:

1. Unzip the file to the root directory of any memory card that is readable by your PlayStation 3. It is already in the proper directory structure but, just in case, the path and filename need to be: ps3savedatablus30086-modimportuserdata.jam
2. Boot up Unreal Tournament 3 on your PS3
3. Go to the "Community" menu
4. Choose "My Content"
5. Press the [SQUARE] button to "Import Mod"
6. Follow the directions on the screen to import it from...

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of Feb. 3

Worldwide PSP releases for the week of Feb. 3 50°
369w ago - Despite the fact that there's not much PSP action in North America this week, the two other major regions are getting some games that should please just about all PSP owners.

North America Games:
Downstream Panic!

Europe Games:
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy II

Asia Games:
Mobile Suit Gundam Gundam: Giren's Ambition - Axis no Kyoui
Bomberman Land Portable (Hudson the Best)
Coded Soul: Uke Keigareshi Idea
NBA Live 07 (EA Best Hits)

It seems weird that the Final Fantasy remakes are just now getting their European releases, since they were released Stateside in June and July last year. In Asia, gamers are getting yet another Gundam title, and they usually sell like hotcakes so it will be interesting to see how well it does.

PSP7800: Atari 7800 emulator for PSP v1.1.2 released!

PSP7800: Atari 7800 emulator for PSP v1.1.2 released! 50°
370w ago - Zx-81 has released an update to PSP7800, an Atari 7800 series console emulator for PSP.

Version 1.1.2 features major speed improvements, resulting in full speed emulation at 222MHz clock. Other additions include IR keyboard support, an auto-fire mode, and use of the PSP GU for rendering.

Download: PSP7800 v1.1.2 for CFW 3.X / PSP7800 v1.1.2 for FW 1.5

What's new in version 1.1.2:

- Major speed improvements (> 60 fps at 222Mhz)
but limited at 50fps by default
- Auto-fire mode, press RTrigger+X to switch it on/off
useful for games such as space Xevious !
On given games, the auto fire can't be stopped easily
(so you might have to disable it several times)
- It uses now only PSP GU for rendering
- IR keyboard support
(pretty useless, but don't forget, I'm a shadok)
- Add several new hotkeys :
. settings such as fps, render mode, auto fire speed
can now be directly modified inside the emulator
(no need to enter in the settings menu)
. quick save / quick load current state
(no need to enter in the main menu)

Twisted Metal: Head-on: Extra Twisted Edition Review PS2!

Twisted Metal: Head-on: Extra Twisted Edition Review PS2! 50°
370w ago - If there's a reason to be afraid of clowns, then Sweet Tooth is it. A murdering psychopath with a flaming head, his character is almost as iconic as the series he originates from. And now Sweet Tooth (and several other recognizable characters) can once again grace your television with Twisted Metal: Head-on: Extra Twisted Edition, an impressively robust port of Head-on for the PSP.

If you're a fan of the series and have been hoping to get more chaotic, car-combat action, you'll be quite pleased with Extra Twisted -- especially if you were fond of the original PSP title. Extra Twisted is a perfect example of an impressive port and the slew of special features included on the disc make this a very appetizing deal.

Let's begin by breaking down Extra Twisted if you're not familiar with its components. As we've just explained, the bulk of the game is a port of Head-on, which runs quite well on the PS2. The biggest additions outside of the main game are the Lost Levels, a set of four levels originally intended for the sequel to Twisted Metal: Black. The levels include Suburban Terror, Stadium Slaughter, Carnival of Darkness and an unlockable stage.

Head-on and the Lost Levels are the majority of the "playable content" in this package. All the other bonus features are really just icing on the cake,...

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