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USB Version Fake M33 CFW Plug-In for PSP released!

USB Version Fake M33 CFW Plug-In for PSP released! 100°
346w ago - Dark_AleX has released a new Custom Firmware plug-in dubbed USB Version Fake.

Compatible with 4.01 M33, the plug-in allows users to fake or "spoof" their PSP's version number for PlayStation 3 connectivity.

Rather useful since the PS3 often times checks to make sure you are running the latest official PSP Firmware, which of course can be a problem if you're running custom Firmware.

Download: USB Version Fake M33 CFW Plug-In for PSP

Final Fantasy XIII no longer a PS3 Exclusive!

Final Fantasy XIII no longer a PS3 Exclusive! 700°
346w ago - The announcement was made earlier today that FFXIII is coming out on Xbox 360 too. In fact, it'll be a simultaneous release on both PS3 and Xbox 360 for US and Europe. Today's Square Enix E3 press conference clarified a few details.

First: Final Fantasy XIII is still a PS3-exclusive... at least in Japan. According to Kotaku, Square Enix exec Shinji Hashimoto told reporters: "I think you are right [in assuming that (the Xbox 360 version) is not coming out in Japan.]" It will only appear on Xbox 360 in English-speaking territories.

In addition, Final Fantasy XIII will release in Japan first -- and then will be localized for the international audience. That means Japanese gamers will enjoy FFXIII on PS3 long before the rest of the world will see it go multiplatform.

Hashimoto says that the Xbox 360's large install base in English territories is what led to the decision to make the game multiplatform. Because the decision was recent, there's no way of estimating how many discs the Xbox 360 version will be.

Also, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still in development as a PS3 exclusive.

PSP Filer Update v5.3 Now Available

PSP Filer Update v5.3 Now Available 50°
346w ago - Mediumgauge has released an update to PSP Filer, a powerful yet simplistic file management application designed for the PSP. By using PSP Filer, users can easily edit, copy, delete, and transfer files on the memory stick and flash memory.

Version 5.3 features a number of enhancements made to the built-in photo viewer, as well as the ability to use a separate background image in BMP, JPG, or PNG format for each specific mode. As usual, the full changelog can be viewed below.

Download: PSP Filer v5.3


* putting filer/text/binary [.bmp/.jpg/.png] in the same folder of Filer, Filer changes background as mode changes.

Picture viewer:
* image loading will be done in a separated thread.
* reduced a bug that audio playback was stopped while reading a piture.
* added a feature to read next picture in background. (maximum 7 pictures)

PSN Gamercard's Now Available via PlayFire Web site

PSN Gamercard's Now Available via PlayFire Web site 50°
346w ago - Via PlayFire.com (linked above), Gamercard's have been created to reflect your acquired trophies from the PSN. Currently you have to manually update every trophy to each game you get them from, but there is an auto update feature is being worked on that will be linked to your PSN ID. Good news indeed.

To see what they look like, you can view my current Gamercard linked via my profile page on that site HERE or check it out pictured below.

You can also update the "Level" that your currently at on the trophy scale. For example, I'm half way through Level 2 as you can see in my Gamercard.

PS3 Controller EEPROM Dumped And Service Mode Information

PS3 Controller EEPROM Dumped And Service Mode Information 50°
346w ago - To begin this week's PS3 Dev briefing, we want to give a follow-up in regards to the PS3 Downgrade PUP's for PS3 TEST/Debug consoles we recently acquired.

Yes, it does work fine, and we have successfully downgraded a PS3 Test to version 1.00! Version 1.00 is quite neutered for a TEST, about the only thing that works is the ability to run code from a DVD/BD, aside from that just about everything is non-functional.

More to come in those regards, including our ability to install and dump Retail PKG's on a Debug PS3 console!

Now onto the rumors: As we all know, many have been trying (but failing terribly) to dump the EEPROM chip inside the PS3's controller.

Our very own talented Courier successfully removed and dumped the chip, a picture of part of the dump is below and it weighs in at only 512 bytes. The theory is that the controller, after the EEPROM is FF'd, would function like the Jig Battery on a PSP. Although we are going to test this for thoroughness, the general consensus among PS3 Devs is doubtful at best.

Simply put, the PSP was limited in what could be...

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