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Wii System Update: Wii Menu 3.2 Now Available 50°
374w ago - Notice your Wii's blue beacon calling out for you?

A minor update hit the Wii console tonight. The downloadable system update will bring the Wii Menu to version 3.2.

A letter delivered by Nintendo says: "Once installed, if a Game Disc is inserted into the Wii console and an update is required, a notification message will be displayed across the Disc Channel alerting you to update your system. If no update is needed, the...

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Nintendo wants more aggressive measures against piracy in Latin America 50°
375w ago - Company says Brazil has "extraordinarily high taxes."
According manufacturer of games, practice has generated losses of $ 975 million.

The North American unit of Japanese manufacturer of videogames Nintendo announced this Thursday (14) who asked the Office of the United States Trade Representative to encourage some governments of the world to take more aggressive steps to combat piracy of its products.

The company...

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Wii Twilight Hack & Video released! 50°
376w ago - Twiizers have released a demo of the first ELF loader running on the Wii, using a buffer overflow discovered in Wii title Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Download: Wii Twilight Hack v0.1 Alpha 1

The beauty of this exploit is that you do not need modified Wii, only a copy of Twilight Princess. It should be noted, however, that the exploit only...

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South Peak publishing Runaway: Dream of the Turtle for the Wii? 50°
377w ago - South Peak Interactive could be set to release a Wii version of Runaway: Dream of the Turtle after the DS version has been released. It's currently available to PC users but was announced for the DS last year.

EB Games has a listing for the game under its Wii section with a release date of 1st April 2008. We don't know how they'll take advantage of the Wii remote or if this is actually true but, We'll contact South Peak to see if we...

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A Wii warm-up hones surgical skills 100°
379w ago - YOU might think it a bad idea for trainee surgeons to play games on the Nintendo Wii when they should be studying, but it might be time well spent.

Kanav Kahol and Marshall Smith of the Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona, have found that surgical residents performed better during simulated surgery after playing on the Wii console. They put it down to the console's novel "Wiimote" control system, which allows players...

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Real Wii Homebrew with Full Hacked Hardware in the near Future? 100°
382w ago - Ski Freak wrote in to tell us of an interesting presentation that took place at the 24th Annual Chaos Communication Congress (24C3) right now; it would appear that a fully hacked Wii capable of running native homebrew with full hardware access has been presented.

From the report: The guys over at 24C3 just demoed a Wii hack that is set to provide native wii homebrew...

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The Vii 2 arrives, will Nintendo stop it? 100°
383w ago - The Vii has sold so well in China that the next incarnation is about to arrive. What will Nintendo do about this?

Props to alphatrainer for the video below:

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Upcoming Week of Games: December 9 - December 15 50°
385w ago - As is standard for december, this week is a crappy release week. However, the PS3's big releases of Orange Box and Unreal Tournament 3 make it worthwhile to make a list, even if there isn't much on other platforms.

Nintendo DS (nothing notable)

Nintendo Wii (2 games)
Indianapolis 500 Legends (Friday December 14)
Super Swing Golf Season 2 (Tuesday December 11)

X-Box 360 (1 game)
NCAA March...

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Nintendo mulls pulling Wii TV ads 50°
385w ago - Nintendo is considering pulling UK television advertising for its popular Wii console in the run up to Christmas because it is battling to meet demand.

It said that holding back adverts until 2008 would be a "responsible" move.

It now expects to have sold 17.5 million of the consoles worldwide in the year to March 2008 - up from the 14 million it had earlier forecast.

Nintendo is likely to use its advertising...

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Japan gets excited about PS3 games 50°
387w ago - The PS3 has received another boost in its homeland, after four PS3 games featured in the top ten most wanted games in Famitsu.

Although it was DS game Dragon Quest IX that took top spot, it was trailed home by Final Fantasy XIII, Resident Evil 5 and Metal Gear Solid 4 in second, third and fourth respectively.

These were joined by the PS3 version of Devil May Cry 4 in ninth spot, with The Last Remnant (14), White Knight Story...

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