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PSPCAP32: Amstrad CPC Emulator for PSP v1.4.1 out! 50°
June 21, 2008 // 9:09 pm - Zx-81 has updated his 8-bit Amstrad CPC emulator known as PSPCAP32 today. The emulator is a direct port of Ulrich Doewich's Caprice32, originally written for Windows and Unix, albeit with various PSP specific enhancements.

In addition to a bug fix regarding CRTC emulation, version 1.4.1 adds support for two virtual drives, allowing users to mount the Amstrad-compatible SymbOS on one, while storing application and game disks on the other.

Download: PSPCAP32 v1.4.1 for CFW 3.X / PSPCAP32...

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PSPVE: Vectrex Emulator for PSP v1.0.2 released! 50°
June 16, 2008 // 4:57 pm - Zx-81 issued an update today to PSPVE, an emulator for the old-school Vectrex console. The emulator itself is based on code from VecX, which was originally written by Valavan Manohararajah.

Version 1.0.2 brings several enhancements and bug fixes, notably including improved emulation speed, vector rending support, a completely rewritten sound driver, and faster save state processing.

Download: PSPVE v1.0.2 for PSP CFW 3.X / PSPVE v1.0.2 for PSP FW 1.5

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PSPVE v1.0.1 Vectrex Console Emulator released for PSP! 50°
June 11, 2008 // 12:41 am - Zx-81 has released PSPVE, an emulator for the old-school Vectrex console. The emulator itself is based on code from VecX, which was originally written by Valavan Manohararajah.

Download: PSPVE v1.0.1 for 3.X CFW / PSPVE v1.0.1 for FW 1.5

As this is the initial release, the author reminds users that the emulator is far from feature-complete and future releases are planned to improve emulation speed, render routines...

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fMSX PSP v3.5.2 Emulator Update released! 50°
May 31, 2008 // 9:17 pm - Uberjack has released a maintenance update to fMSX, an MSX series emulator for the PSP that supports both MSX and MSX2 cartridge files.

Previous versions of the emulator contained two mislabeled configuration settings. In the updated release, both MSX Music and MSX Audio now correctly refer to FMPAC/YM2413 and Y8950, respectively.

As such, the author notes that users should make sure that MSX Music is enabled if FMPAC-based titles were previously freezing.

Download: fMSX PSP v3.5.2 for CFW 3.X...

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PSX Emulator ePSXe v1.7.0 released for PC! 100°
May 30, 2008 // 4:03 pm - After nearly 5 years a new version ePSXe, one of the best PSX emulators for PC, has been released.

ePSXe 1.7.0 has been updated to v1.7.0 and is available for download below.

Download: ePSXe v1.7.0

Short Changelog:

- Multiple changes has been done in the Pad support.
- The internal SPU plugin has been updated to the 1.7.0 version.
- The iSO support code has been rewritten.
- The MDEC decoder has been rewritten.
- A new version of the Pete's Software Plugin is included....

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PSPMSX: MSX Emulator for PSP v1.3.0 out now! 50°
May 29, 2008 // 5:12 pm - Zx-81 has released an update to PSPMSX, a MSX and MSX2 series emulator for PSP. Now at version 1.3.0, PSPMSX features support for loading disk images compressed in the space saving GZip format.

In addition to the usual bug fixes, other changes include support for thumbnail images to allow easy recognition of game titles.

Download: PSPMSX v1.3.0 for CFW 3.X / PSPMSX v1.3.0 for FW 1.5

What's new...

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WiiN64 Alpha r3xx: Mupen64 N64 Emulator Port for Wii out! 50°
May 25, 2008 // 1:07 am - To celebrate the release of the Homebrew Channel tehpola, sepp256 and emu_kidid have released a Nintendo Wii build of their ever progressing port of Mupen64 a Nintendo 64 emulator for the Nintendo GameCube and Wii.

Wiin64 is the official name for the Wii build and there is currently no updated GameCube version.

Download: Wii WiiN64 Alpha r3xx

What's New?

+ glN64 Port
+ MEM2 ROM Cache for Wii (fits 32MB ROMs)
+ libfat support (Front Slot & SD Gecko now work)

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SDLMAME v0.125 Emulator for Wii out now! 50°
May 10, 2008 // 3:52 pm - A Wii port of SDLMAME was publically released last night. To quote from the page linked above: Here I bring another distribution of wii-linux to play in our Wii, only if you have installed the Twilight Hack.

This time I bring you SDLMAME 0.125 (it's still hot =D) ported to the wii, which will let us play those old games from the years 80-90. I don't recommend using it with the Homebrew Channel, since there are hanging problems with wii-linux.

Furthermore, if you want to use this MAME version, you will have to be patient, since the loading times are big enough compared...

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