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Study Finds 87% of PS3 Owners Watch Blu-ray on Console

Study Finds 87% of PS3 Owners Watch Blu-ray on Console 50°
347w ago - The PlayStation 3 appears to be the Blu-ray player of choice, as 87 percent of PS3 owners watch Blu-ray movies on their console, says a report from the Entertainment Merchants Association.

The 2008 Annual Report on the Home Entertainment Industry says the PS3 will remain the driving force behind Blu-ray sales until 2009.

Microsoft, which did not integrate a HD DVD drive into the Xbox 360 sold only 316,000 HD DVD add-ons for the console in 2007, the reports says.

PS3 sales, in large part because of its Blu-ray compatibility, were close to 3 million by the end of 2007.

And that's just one of the reasons the PS3 should be the Blu-ray player you install in your customers' home theater.

The report also says Blu-ray will outsell standard DVDs in 2012, generating more than $9.5 billion in sales.

Blu-ray usage on the rise among PS3 owners, study concludes

Blu-ray usage on the rise among PS3 owners, study concludes 50°
356w ago - Are you using your PS3 for Blu-ray movies? A new study shows that yes, in fact, you are. Blu-ray usage is on the rise amongst PS3 owners, according to Warner Home Video's research.

It seems that between the last quarter of 2007 and the end of February saw a usage increase of the PS3 as a Blu-ray player from 53% to 80%. In addition to this, after Sony's ad campaign pushing Blu-ray, disc sales rose from 10% to 15% between October and December of 2007.

Take it as you will, but the PS3 is definitely paving the road for Blu-ray and we hope you get more out of your system than merely playing games!

Study links video games to reckless driving

Study links video games to reckless driving 50°
362w ago - Inspired by last year's death of Toronto taxi driver Tahir Khan, who was hit on a winding ravine road by a teenage street racer with a copy of the video game Need for Speed in his car, German psychologists have compiled the most extensive case yet that racing games cause reckless driving.

Playing such titles as Burnout, Midnight Racer and Need for Speed "increases risk-taking behaviour in critical road traffic situations," the team led by Peter Fischer reports today in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied.

Writing about the Toronto case, in light of earlier examples of people reenacting video game scenarios to lethal effect, such as the Columbine school shootings, Prof. Fischer writes: "What if players of racing games similarly model their actual road traffic behaviour on their behaviour during these games?"

One of the team's experiments largely replicates a survey done last month by BSM, a British driving school.

Both showed that the more a person plays a racing game, the more likely he is to drive in an "obtrusive and competitive" manner. Both also come with the caveat that self-reporting is notoriously unreliable.

But the German team, from the elite Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, went further to look at whether playing a racing game can directly...

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