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PSP Firmware 5.55 Spotted on a Demonstration Unit

PSP Firmware 5.55 Spotted on a Demonstration Unit 100°
296w ago - During a visit to the Japan Expo, French site PSPGen had access to a PSP with Firmware 5.55 installed.

Apparently it was on one of the PSP demonstration units that were used to showcase Soulcalibur Broken Destiny.

Could this be the next PSP Firmware update, and if so what changes will be included?

To quote, roughly translated: Traveling at the Japan Expo, one of our editors (KaiserCz) to have access to a PSP (Fat), on which he could test Soul Calibur IV, but this is not what we'll talk.

He was surprised to find on the PSP a firmware 5.55. Nothing new has been found, however, the search has not been very extensive.

Several assumptions can be made. Is this a firmware with a simple security update? Firmware available only through a UMD (as in 5.05 The Idolm @ ster)? Picture from 5.55

The traditional Wait & See is required. Thank you to KaiserCz.

Batman: Arkham Asylum PS3 Demo Spotted At GameStop

Batman: Arkham Asylum PS3 Demo Spotted At GameStop 50°
309w ago - A gamer is reporting that he managed to play the demo of the upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum game at a GameStop store in Ohio on the display PS3.

The demo is reportedly 4 levels long, and the combat mechanics are very impressive he states.

To quote: Just played a demo @ Gamestop in Niles, Ohio on the display PS3. This game's going to be just about awesome. The demo is 4 levels of Batman in a room in the asylum with a number of thugs, starting with (I think) four. The number increases after every room clear.

It's only combat, but the combat mechanics are frickin' awesome. Countering's easy and smooth, and catching a kick behind your back and sticking an elbow to the face is priceless.

Once you start a combo, you can seamlessly counter and attack in order to keep the combo counter climbing.

Rumor: Photos of New Nintendo DS LCD Screen Spotted

Rumor: Photos of New Nintendo DS LCD Screen Spotted 50°
335w ago - Yesterday we reported on the upcoming Nintendo DS, and today some photos of the new Nintendo DS console's upgraded screens have been spotted on the Chinese site Yukawanet, linked above.

In the picture below, the revised screen is the one on the right side... which has a slightly larger width of 3.25 inches, in comparison to just 3 inches for the one on the left.

According to their watermarks, the origin of these 'spotted' photos is another Chinese Web site, namely TGBus.com.

More details as they are available, and check out the link above for additional photos!

Player-Controlled Mech Spotted on Tabula Rasa Test Server

Player-Controlled Mech Spotted on Tabula Rasa Test Server 50°
335w ago - It's a long time since the first sighting of a Personal Armor Unit on Tabula Rasa - and that one was disassembled.

Now, on TR's public test server, the first prototype mech has been unveiled that players can test-drive. PlanetTR.com board poster RWScissors has bagged a couple of screenshots of the stompy vehicle in action.

The original plan for PAUs called for one specific type per tier-4 class. It's not yet clear whether the developers have stuck to this plan or revised it, though the hint given by new lead designer Susan Kath of 'a cool new system to allow you to customize your mechs through a type of alternative advancement' may suggest the latter. The possibilities have Tabula Rasa players very excited, if unsure about the exact role the mech is meant to play.

For the immediate future, the best source for definitive information on the PAUs must surely be Dev_Ridout, who's going to be doing a podcast with PlanetTR any day now.

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