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Opinion: Is IGN to be Trusted with Video Game Reviews? 500°
March 10, 2009 // 2:28 pm - Well, my last personally written article was about how IGN was biased against the PS3. A big deal, but still, at least they could be trusted with unbiased reviews, right?

Well, the crap has hit the fan for IGN, seeing as they have recently released a review on the new Sonic game: Sonic and the Black Knight.

I know what you're thinking "Most Sonic games suck now anyway? I mean look at unleashed! there was barely any fun!" Well, that may be true, seeing as the game wasn't very fun (But...


Metacritic's First Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Reviews - Ouch! 100°
September 6, 2008 // 3:26 pm - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and other platforms is LucasArts' most ambitious gaming project to-date. Taking over four years from concept to completion and enduring multiple delays, the long-awaited game is the first next-gen development effort by the small studio, and the first to utilize multiple new technologies and the direct input of Industrial Light and Magic.

Taking all this into consideration it comes as a bit of a surprise to see what print media is saying about the game. With four reviews...


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Reviews Start to Come Out 100°
August 29, 2008 // 6:11 pm - The first couple of review scores for Star Wars: the Force Unleashed have made their way onto the Interwebs thanks to and various forums.

The Official Xbox Magazine gave a score of a 7.5/10, calling it an "Entertaining story," but "Is less polished than the Jedia Knight game."

The US version of the Official PlayStation Magazine gave a little lower score at 3.5/5. At this time, we couldn't find an article for OPM.

The Nintendo Power review also gave it a 7.5/10 saying, "You...


OPM UK Magazine Reviews FIFA 09, Awards it a 9/10 100°
August 29, 2008 // 5:39 pm - The Official PlayStation (UK) Magazine has published one of the first ever reviews on the PS3, and as expected it truly turns the tide and makes PES the soccer franchise with something to seriously prove.

Spallen of GameTrailers (linked above) has posted, but now removed, the scan of their FIFA 09 review in the OPM UK magazine.

They note that EA has taken the criticisms on board, and while FIFA 09 was always presented better, it now plays better... and to quote of FIFA 09: "brilliant, overflowing with new features".

Overall it received a gold...


First MGS4 Reviews Point to Major Hit 300°
May 27, 2008 // 10:17 pm - As if there was ever any doubt. More Metal Gear Solid 4 reviews are starting to come in now, and the scores are high. From NeoGaf:

- PlayStation Official Magazine (UK): 10/10
- PlayStation Official Magazine (US): 10/10
- PlayStation Official Magazine (Italy): 10/10
- PlayStation Official Magazine (Dutch): 9.6/10
- LEVEL (Sweden): 10/10
- Joypad (France): 19/20
- Jeuxvideo Magazine (France): 18/20

The game gets released in Europe on June 12.


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