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PS3 PKG Fast Unpacker Homebrew Application Arrives 850°
September 17, 2010 // 10:37 pm - Update #2: jeffma has now released PS3 Game Update Finder v1.1 which allows you to to download PS3 game update packages via PC.

Update: PS3 PKG Fast Unpacker 2.0 is now available for those interested with a brief changelog posted HERE followed by PS3...


PS3 PKGView BETA 1 Extractor & UnPKG with Source Code Arrive 1250°
September 10, 2010 // 6:32 pm - Update: PKGView BETA 2 Extractor is now available, which includes a few fixes as outlined HERE.

Today ifcaro has released PS3 PKGView BETA 1 and naehrwert has released UnPKG with source code, both are PlayStation 3 PKG file extractors / unpackers.

Download: PS3 PKGView BETA 1 Extractor...


PUPXtractor v0.3 - PUP Unpacker for PS3 is Now Available 550°
April 29, 2010 // 5:57 pm - Although it's been quite awhile since his previous update, French developer Ac_K has now updated PUPXtractor to version 0.3 for Sony's PS3 entertainment system.

Download: PUPXtractor v0.3 for PS3 / PUPXtractor v0.3 for PS3 [Mirror] / .NET...


PUPXtractor v0.1 for PS3 is Now Available 300°
October 18, 2009 // 3:16 am - Update: PUPXtractor v0.2 for PS3 is now available, which now works on TAR format.

Today Ac_K has released yet another PUP update extractor / unpacker, this time dubbed PUPXtractor v0.1 for PS3.

Download: PUPXtractor v0.1 for PS3

For those curious, previous PS3 update utilities used to do this task include PS3 Update Unpacker v1, PS3...


UnBar v0.1 .BAR File UnPacker for PlayStation 3 Released! 250°
October 25, 2008 // 7:38 pm - Today PSP developer FreePlay has released UnBar v0.1, which is an expansion of UnBeat (also linked below, unpacks PSN game 'Beats' .BAR files). UnBar processes the .BAR files from the Home BETA for PlayStation 3.

Download: UnBar v0.1 for PS3 / UnBeat for PSN / Home 0.86 XML / Home BETA 0.86

From the ReadMe File: To use this...


PS3 Theme Extractor v0.11 released! 50°
December 9, 2007 // 1:20 am - Anoop Menon has updated PS3 Theme Extractor/Unpacker once again today! As always, changes are detailed below:

Download: PS3 Theme Extractor v0.11 [Windows] / PS3 Theme Extractor v0.11 SRC [Linux]

12/08/07 -0.11- Added support to extract sound files from themes.


PS3 Theme Extractor/Unpacker v0.9 released! 50°
December 6, 2007 // 3:30 pm - Anoop Menon has updated PS3 Theme Extractor/Unpacker to v0.9 today, with the following changes:

Download: PS3 Theme Extractor v0.9 [Windows] / PS3 Theme Extractor v0.9 SRC [Linux]

12/06/07 -0.9- dragging and dropping a p3t file onto the executable now works in Windows (thx to Matt Endersby for reporting the issue).

In addition, the default extracted path is now extracted.theme filename in the current working directory...


PS3 Theme Extractor/Unpacker v0.8 released! 50°
December 3, 2007 // 9:49 pm - Anoop Menon has updated his PS3 Theme Extractor/Unpacker today to v0.8!

Download: PS3 Theme Extractor v0.8 [Windows] / PS3 Theme Extractor v0.8 SRC [Linux]


12/03/07 -0.8- fixed a bug in the XML output filename.


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