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Video (Entertainment Only): PS3 iSO Loader with Madden '09 NFL 200°
September 10, 2008 // 3:03 pm - From JesJames90 via YouTube...

Caption reads: "Program to convert blu-ray images into demo files coming december 2008. Still trying to make the program user friendly, and testing this with other games besides madden 09. Will make better video when I buy a better camcorder."

Video is below, for entertainment purposes only


Full Details on Patch #2 for Madden 09 50°
August 26, 2008 // 3:06 am - Details on items that have been fixed with the second patch for Madden 09 are the topic of a brand new blog posted by producer Ian Cummings on the Madden 09 Web site.

Included are the disconnects that have been plaguing online, franchise progression, fixed exploits including the WR Direct Snap and Deep Ball glitches, field degradation, and gameplay improvements. Most of the gripes consumers have had with the game look as though they'll be addressed in the coming patch. Not sure there is much more you can ask for out of this.

The work on the patch has been completed...


Madden 09 Release Day Roster Update 50°
August 9, 2008 // 8:36 pm - EA Sports has released the breakdown of all the changes within the roster update for Madden 09 that will be out by (or on) release day. An update has already been done taking care of many of the changes that are detailed even as they continue to add to the upcoming one to make it the most accurate possible.

Last year there was an average of just below two updates a month which would seem sufficient. The problem was a long painful stretch from mid-November to mid-January that lacked any. If they can keep the consistency up this year than everyone should be pleased with the post-release...


There's a reason to buy Madden 09 this year! 100°
May 12, 2008 // 12:15 am - EA and Tiburon have set the bar high this year with Madden NFL 09, providing not only 60fps gameplay for the PlayStation 3 platform but rethinking and improving much of their game mechanics and A.I. system. For all the Madden fans out there, get excited, because this year's edition will be worth every penny of your hard earned cash.

To begin, when players start the game up for the first time, instead of the usual game menu, they will be greeted by John Madden in a holographic training session. There are 12 tests with up to three difficulties which will help determine the player's skill...


Madden 08 on PS3 finally gets patched like Xbox 360 version 50°
January 7, 2008 // 7:30 pm - According to PastaPadre, the Madden 08 patch for the PS3 has been cleared for certification by Sony and will be released sometime on the 8th January.

This is the same patch that the Xbox 360 version received back in November, and includes a fumble fix and more bug fixes.

To quote: This is the same patch the 360 received late in November and addresses the following issues:

Fumble Fix - Reduced fumble chances in certain situations. This has been tested thoroughly and we feel that people will be happy with a more realistic (and more fun!) number of fumbles....


Broken PS3 Madden 08 Patch Fixed! 50°
September 20, 2007 // 2:14 pm - As if having to download patches at all isn't bad enough, there's nothing worse than downloading one only to have it break your game further. That's what a lot of PS3 Madden fans are complaining about, according to SportsGamer, as EA's recent patch for Madden 08 caused discs not to load at all.

In a post on the Madden forums, EA says they resolved the issue, but gamers who already downloaded the broken patch first need to uninstall it before they can download the patch that actually works. The steps to do...


EA Sports Announces 2007 Madden Challenge 50°
September 14, 2007 // 1:30 pm - Another year, another Madden, and another Madden Challenge. EA Sports announced details for the Madden NFL 08 Challenge today, with the Madden Challenge Regional Tournament set to start on September 15 in Dallas, Texas.

The regional tournament will encompass 17 U.S. cities in total, with 256 competitors at each venue; winners will advance to the Finals Tournament in Los Angeles, CA for a chance to win $100,000 dollars. This is also the second year in a row that the Madden Challenge - in its sixth year - will be an international affair, with NFL International sponsoring the event in...


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