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PS3 Hard Drive Game Install & Loading HDD vs. SSD Speed Test

302w ago - Recently IGN has conducted a PS3 hard drive speed test. The summary of their experiment is that when used in a PS3, solid state technology produces a very marginal improvement over traditional hard drives.

So for now, just go for a cheap hard disc drive for your system if you want to upgrade it.

To quote: To put it simply; when used in a PlayStation 3, solid-state technology produces only a marginal improvement over traditional hard disc drives. While the results varied greatly by application, the amount of time saved can't quite justify the expense... at least not yet.

When solid-state drives become more accessible and comparable in price to their hard disc-based brethren, we recommend you pick one up for your PlayStation 3. Until then, pick up a cheap hard disc drive for your hard drive.

Matrix WiiZii Mod Hooks to External SATA HDD for iSO Loading

319w ago - Though only a small fraction of Wii owners will ever mod their console, there's something strangely comforting to our status as a species that it's imminently doable.

The latest in this long line of Wii hacks is the WiiZii, which is termed a "plug and play" no-solder method of playing Wii backups and other fun modchip-style stuff.

WiiZii has an upgradable firmware, and is being touted as "future proof" against any forthcoming attempts by Nintendo to block it, but what's really exciting is the external SATA connector for extra-speedy iSO loads off of your favorite SATA hard drive - no more dinky USB keys.

Right now WiiZii is in prototype stage, but we're sure somebody will be hitting us up for cash for the mod in the near future - if you're feeling a little stingy, just remember: hacking consoles that we've already paid money for to be able to do what we want with them is the only thing separating us from the apes. That and Hulu.

Video: Slot-Loading XBox 360 Modified Game Console

327w ago - Console modder RDC has set out to make a slot-loading Xbox 360 by modifying an iMac DVD drive. He says its now functional and has provided a video of it.

To quote: Well, I figured I'd see how far I can get on this thing and have been wanting to take a stab at it for awhile but didn't feel like trashing a perfectly good slot loader drive to see if I could.

Then I remembered I had this little gem just sitting around doing nothing at all, figured I may as well use it for something besides dumpster filler..

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