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GTA IV 'leaked' intro confirmed fake 50°
April 13, 2008 // 11:08 pm - While it was an impressive fake, a video recently surfacing on YouTube claiming to be the Grand Theft Auto IV intro provides more than enough suspicion to be confirmed bogus.

From the start, a short glimpse of the spine of the box revealed dodgy, uneven work, as captured below. A thin manual also presented more doubt.

After an unnecessary cut to the camera pointing at the screen, the intro itself contained an odd choice of music. Moreover, all of the pictures are from previously shown artwork, while official GTA intros contain cinematic scenes, like San Andreas.


Beware of the fake PS3 HDD ISO Loader 50°
January 4, 2008 // 1:40 pm - Update: It now appears the auction was pulled, go figure The page currently shows only, "This listing (250201066945) has been removed or is no longer available."

Our attention has been brought to an auction which is promoting what is undoubtedly a fake PS3 HDD ISO loader.

The seller in this claims that you just install the software and from there on in play your games directly from the HD on the PS3... obviously this is fake, but it makes a nice laugh...


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