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Dead Rising 2 to Have the Most Onscreen Characters Ever - 6000? 250°
316w ago - At a presentation about the visual technology behind the development of "Dead Rising 2," the game's character art lead, Izmeth Siddeek, said that the development team at Blue Castle games is preparing for players to encounter an unprecedented zombie horde.

To quote: "Dead Rising 2 deal[s] with the rendering of the greatest number of characters ever seen in a video game," he said. "Everything else needed to be subordinated...

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Dead Rising 2 Confirmed, Screenshots & Viral Trailer Revealed 200°
323w ago - Capcom has today announced the development of Dead Rising 2 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, continuing the publisher's policy of releasing its key titles across multiple formats.

Dead Rising 2 is set several years after the zombie invasion of Willamette, in a time where the zombie virus has spread throughout the US. Players will get to explore the gambling paradise of Fortune City and will have a host of new in-game objects that can...

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Video: Rumored Dead Rising 2 Trailer Leaked 50°
323w ago - Today a video was uploaded to YouTube that is rumored to be a leaked trailer for Dead Rising 2.

Apparently many are calling it a fake, so chances are it very well may be at that.

For those who wish to check the alleged Dead Rising 2 trailer out to decide for yourself, the video is available below and comes courtesy of blurpboy.


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New Dead Rising & Lost Planet May Go Multiplatform 50°
325w ago - Capcom's Keiji Inafune has revealed that the company is planning new instalments in the Dead Rising and Lost Planet franchise, hinting that the forthcoming sequels may be released for multiple platforms.

To quote: "We're finally putting out new Dead Rising and Lost Planet games! As a main principle we're thinking about multi-platform,...

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Why Frank West Can't Take Pictures in Dead Rising for Wii 50°
325w ago - The premise of Dead Rising is that Frank West, a photojournalist, heads into a zombie-infested hellhole to take pictures of the goings-on inside. Zombie battling does ensue, but also zombie photography.

For some reason, this major plot element was revealed to be cut from the Wii version of Dead Rising earlier this week. Why cut something that's... you know, what the game is basically about?

Capcom's Minoru Nakai,...

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Rumor: Blue Castle Making Dead Rising 2 for XBox 360 100°
336w ago - A source close to Canadian developer Blue Castle Games has told Eurogamer that the studio is making a sequel to Dead Rising.

Rumors that the Vancouver-based outfit was working on the zombie project first emerged last year, but neither the developer nor publisher Capcom has confirmed anything on the record.

But while Eurogamer was on a secret mission in Vancouver last week, we were told by a source familiar with the project...

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Dead Rising reanimating on PS3? 100°
349w ago - The official story: "Dead Rising: Chop 'til You Drop coming for the Wii!"--Tight-lipped and promotion-minded Capcom senior communications director Chris Kramer.

What we heard: Last Friday, Diamonon posted the latest in a series of behind-the-scenes looks at Bionic Commando Rearmed to the PlayStation Blog, and in a display of dedication to the message, spent the weekend posting personal replies to nearly every commenter. On Sunday...

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Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising prepare you for Zombie Apocalypse 50°
358w ago - Ask any zombie buff - the possibility of a world overrun by the living dead looms like a dark cloud over humanity. Are you ready? Will you know what to do when well-meaning scientists unleash a brain-rotting plague or when a curse causes long deceased loved ones to claw their way out of earthen pits?

Of course not - contending with the constant demands of today's society doesn't leave most of us with time to think about things like whether...

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