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Analyst: Gears Of War 3 is Likely to Come Out on PlayStation 3 100°
December 3, 2008 // 8:14 pm - In the gaming world exclusivities have become all but obsolete. So it should come as little surprise that analysts are stating the future of Epic's gaming giant, Gears of War, will be bright on all fronts of the console war.

Analyst Michael Pachter, who is well known throughout the gaming industry for his insight to the future of gaming, has stated "we pretty much know that Gears of War 3 is probably gonna come out on PS3."

Pachter is going off the idea that things today aren't exactly exclusive, they're only set aside for a set amount of time. If this holds...


Analyst: Recession Could Affect PlayStation 3 Sales the Most 400°
November 18, 2008 // 9:45 pm - What happens when people are reluctant to spend money? Well, they're reluctant to buy a $400 games machine, that's what.

Blu-ray predictions are down due to the struggling economy. PS3 sales should also be affected, an obvious conclusion made by analyst Piers Harding-Rolls.

"At the top end, the PS3 with its high price is arguably more likely to be impacted by a recession than the other platforms. This may prompt consumers to consider other consoles or wait for the PS3 price...


Analyst Drops Blu-ray Player Sales Prediction by 25 Percent 50°
October 20, 2008 // 6:08 pm - The entertainment industry in general has been fortunate to avoid a lot of the economic strife other industries such as the housing market are enduring.

For the Blu-ray format, this is the most important holiday season yet where HD DVD is officially off the radar and titles are being released at a fast and furious pace.

With this in mind, Parks Associates earlier this year predicted 5 million Blu-ray players would sell globally in 2008, up from a combined 1.6 million combined HD DVD and Blu-ray players in 2007. At the time it appeared the economic climate would not affect...


Analyst: PS3 will keep outpacing 360, price drop at E3 50°
June 16, 2008 // 2:57 pm - Although the information isn't as solid as if 30 Helens agreed, EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich believes the PS3 is going to keep increasing its sales and that Microsoft will announce a price cut for the Xbox 360 at E3.

He foresees the PS3 gaining momentum and claims Metal Gear Solid 4 will actually have a greater impact on the console's hardware sales than Grand Theft Auto IV did.

Divnich also believes that Microsoft will announce a price cut at E3 next month, speculating the console could also get a new hardware SKU with added features.

He claims if...


Analyst: 'Window is narrowing' for PS3 turnaround 50°
September 14, 2007 // 1:36 pm - After remaining optimistic on PS3 for close to a year despite slow sales, NPD analyst Anita Frazier acknowledged on Thursday that time is running short for Sony to stage a turnaround in the console industry.

"There is no doubt that the window Sony has to turn this around and bolster their position in the marketplace is narrowing," she told GameDaily Biz.

On Thursday it was reported that PS3 sales had dropped by 21 percent in August, this after a single month jump in sales in July due to the machine's recent $100 price drop.

"With only 4 months left in this...


Analyst unimpressed by Stuntman's start 50°
September 6, 2007 // 4:12 pm - After posting a less-than-expected second-quarter net loss of $9.3 million last month, THQ reaffirmed its fiscal year 2008 guidance of $1.12 billion to $1.15 billion in net sales. THQ president and CEO Brian J. Farrell told analysts that forecast hinged largely upon the projected platinum status of five internally developed multiplatform games: Frontlines: Fuel of War, MX vs. ATV Untamed, Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights, the latest Destroy All Humans!, and Stuntman: Ignition.

However, selling a million copies for at least one of those games may not be as done of a deal as THQ hoped. In...


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