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VidZone PS3 Patch Update and Sub Focus TV Channel Added 100°
259w ago - Today Content Manager Alex Jakubczyk has unveiled news of the most recent VidZone PS3 patch update along with the addition of a new Sub Focus TV channel.

To quote: Unless you have been living under a stone for the past week, you should have realised we have released a brand new VidZone patch!

As a quick recap, this includes improved search function, in-store game purchasing, a snazzy new main menu carousel and 100s...

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Rock Band 2 PS3 Software Update, Fan Feature Requests Added 50°
275w ago - Today Rock Band 2 Lead Designer Dan Teasdale has announced that a new Rock Band 2 PS3 software update is on the way that includes some long-awaited fan feature requests.

To quote: I'm proud to announce that the Rock Band team has finalized a software update for Rock Band 2 on the PlayStation 3 that addresses some common feature requests from our fans.

We've also added some great new functionality that we think...

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Sony's Life With PlayStation Gets 'World Heritage' Channel Added 100°
297w ago - Today Sony has updated Life with PlayStation by adding a completely new channel titled 'World Heritage' to it.

It's a simple update, as the channel includes information from various Web sites (including Wikipedia) from multiple areas around the world.

To quote: If you leave your controller for a long enough time, it automatically begins spinning the globe (like the other channels) and displays hi-res pictures from the areas...

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Noob to be One Millionth English Word Added to the Dictionary? 50°
310w ago - It doesn't seem possible that "English language milestone" and the word "noob" could every be uttered in the same sentence, let along in direct reference to one another. But if current trends continue, "noob" might just become the one-millionth word in the English language.

Tech Radar reports that the Global Language Monitor,...

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The Top Five PlayStation 3 Features Added via Firmware Updates 100°
317w ago - The PlayStation 3 launched in late 2006. Since then, Sony has added plenty of new features via constant firmware updates. Here are the top five added firmware update features on the PlayStation 3.

5. Background Downloading (PlayStation 3 Firmware Version 1.60)

Downloading content from the Playstation Store was a major pain in the early days. You have to stay on the same screen for long periods of time (in some cases,...

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New Resident Evil 5 DLC Revealed, Multiplayer Modes Added 200°
318w ago - Capcom officially announced today that they will be adding new head to head multiplayer modes to Resident Evil 5 after the game is launched.

There will be two modes, the first (Slayer's Rule) is a point based system where you compete to kill the most Majinis while the second (Survivor's Rule) has you trying to kill eatch other.

The modes will allow you to play mano e mano or paired up with a friend against two enemies...

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Tiki Towers, Minigolf, Phantasy Star IV Added to Wii Shop Channel 50°
330w ago - Here are the latest Nintendo Wii shop additions: For WiiWare, Tiki Towers and Fun! Fun! Minigolf has been released, while on the Virtual Console Phantasy Star IV is available for 800 Wii points.

Press Release: Two WiiWare Games and One Virtual Console Game Added to Wii Shop Channel

Did you think Grandma's house was the only travel destination on your itinerary this holiday season? Think again. Thanks to the Wii Shop Channel,...

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PSP2: Imagination Added Sony to Apple Consumer Design Win? 50°
333w ago - Word on the street is that Imagination Technologies Group plc, licensor of graphics processor cores, has added Sony to its tally of international electronics systems company licensees.

Imagination (Kings Langley, England) announced Monday (Nov. 24) that it has signed a license agreement with a new partner, a major international consumer electronics company, for a forthcoming member of Imagination's POWERVR SGX graphics processor family.

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Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box Announced, Options Added 50°
337w ago - This February, Electronic Arts will release Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, an edition of Criterion's open-world racer that packs all of the game's downloadable content along with a new offline multiplayer mode and other tweaks.

Dubbed Burnout Paradise Party, the offline multiplayer mode enables up to eight players to compete in challenges, one at a time, by passing the controller. For those that already own...

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PlayStation 3 Recovery Menu added in Firmware 2.50 - Why? 400°
339w ago - 1ra2 of PS3Gen (linked above) has discovered something quite interesting with the new PS3 Firmware 2.50. In the new firmware, a "hidden" Restore Menu has been added.

To access it, while the PS3 is in standby, hold the power button like you are doing a reset, but keep holding it down until there are two beeps, and you then can access it.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm always a fan of any hidden menu, be it in a TV,...

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