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Sony Just Wouldn't Be Sony Without the Games! 300°
317w ago - In the video game world, competition never ceases, and to remain a contender each console manufacturer needs to maintain an identity among consumers and offer them something they can't get on any other platform.

The games, one key franchise for each company, that make Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony what they are today.

Sony, game company since 1994, has seen its ups and downs in the console business. Sony first debuted...

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GDC '09: Sony Offers Huge Incentive for PSN Exclusivity 50°
317w ago - Remember that biased and irrational media blowup concerning the PSN bandwidth fee? Yeah, well, who thinks publishers won't want to put their games on the PSN now?

As reported by, Sony will match the development budget...

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ABGX360 v1.0.1 is Now Available for XBox 360 Console Users 50°
317w ago - Seacrest recently released an updated version of his excellent ABGX360 app wich will be "THE Ultimate Tool" for Xbox 360 ISOs and Stealth files.

Download: ABGX360 v1.0.1 / ABGX360 v1.0.1 [Mirror]

Changes affecting all platforms:

• Added PFI/Video exceptions for "Disney...

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FileFront Suspending Operations Indefinitely on March 30, 2009 200°
317w ago - Last night Starlight let us know in the PS3 News Chatbox that mainstream video game download site is closing.

Those who have files stored on the popular and free site are asked to download them before March 30th, 2009 when they will no longer be available.

To quote: Dear FileFront User:

We regret to inform you that due...

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Sony Aims for Simultaneous Digital PSP Game Releases in 2009 400°
317w ago - The head of PlayStation US marketing, John Koller, has revealed that Sony is planning on simultaneous digital versions of its PSP titles released alongside their UMD equivalents.

To quote: The head of PlayStation marketing at Sony America, John Koller, has stated that Sony would ideally like to see simultaneous digital versions of its PSP titles released alongside their retail UMD counterparts.

"In the back half...

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PlayStation Home Summer House Save Glitch Discovered 550°
318w ago - Update: I can confirm the save works even on accounts and PS3's that do not have the Summer House installed. I removed all Save data Game data and Home data. After I reinstalled home, copied the exploit save over and booted up Home it asked me to download the Summerhouse and install it. Viola!

Note you can't teleport to it via PDA but can enter...

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Video: Infamous: Karma System Hands-on for PlayStation 3 50°
318w ago - Infamous is the first PlayStation 3 outing from Sucker Punch, the guys behind the much-loved Sly Cooper games.

In this title, you'll pick up the pieces of Cole's life in a nearly destroyed world. See, Cole was an ordinary messenger who saw Empire City collapse when a package he was delivering exploded in his hands and leveled a large section of town.

When Cole came out of his coma, he found Empire City completely quarantined...

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PlayStation Home Xi: The Hub is Now Available for PS3 Users! 100°
318w ago - As it was hinted yesterday, today the PlayStation Home Xi Symbol's mystery has been finally been revealed.

Marking the beginning of the Game Developers Conference 2009, if you go to the mysterious "Xi Symbol" and press X you'll be able to download "The Hub", a new Home Space.

The Space is 27mb big. Check out the pic below,...

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Videos: Shocking New inFamous PlayStation 3 Trailers Available 100°
318w ago - inFamous is due out in around three months and we still haven't seen that much of it yet. These videos seek to change that by showing around eleven minutes of gameplay montage footage.

To quote: It's looking good, if a bit samey. The platforming sections look like they're a lot of fun, though the combat seems like it could get a bit repetitive.

We guess that'll depend on the full scope of Cole's powers. We suspect that...

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Logitech Adapter Lets You Use Any Harmony Remote with PS3! 400°
318w ago - Woot! Finally a Universal Remote for the Sony PlayStation 3 console.

To quote: Logitech just spilled an upcoming adapter that'll let you use any Harmony remote with the PS3.

Not many details (price/date), but it'll do the usual Harmony magic and won't swallow a USB port.

A picture of it is below, and those interested may wish to keep an eye on the Logitech...

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