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TGS '07: Hot Shots Golf 5 Hands-On Preview

TGS '07: Hot Shots Golf 5 Hands-On Preview 50°
389w ago - Hot Shots Golf may be known by many names around the world (such as Mina No Golf and Everybody's Golf), but in any language the series has become a byword for humorous and accessible golfing action. The game has appeared on every Sony platform since the original PlayStation, so it was no surprise to see it announced for the PlayStation 3. With the game already being on sale in Japan, we were able to play the finished article ahead of the Tokyo Game Show, as well as talk to the game's developer.

The main thing to talk about is how the shot and putting systems have changed in this latest outing. Instead of being indicated by a bar, the shot power is now displayed with visual indicators on the golf club itself. Once you've chosen your club, the circle button will initiate the shot and your player will begin the swing. At the 50 percent power level, the end of the club will flash yellow, and at 100 percent it will flash red. By judging from these two indicators, you have to press circle again at the desired power level to take the shot. At this point, a target reticle will zoom in on the ball itself, and the idea is to press the circle button again just as it encapsulates it to ensure a straight shot.

We found the new shot system to be intuitive, and we had no trouble getting to grips with it from the very...

TGS '07: High Velocity Bowling Preshow Hands-On

TGS '07: High Velocity Bowling Preshow Hands-On 50°
389w ago - The PlayStation Network seems to be the outlet for some of Sony's most innovative content for the PS3, featuring games with unique concepts or which make full use of Sixaxis motion sensing technology (and sometimes both). High Velocity Bowling isn't exactly a groundbreaking concept, but it does utilise the Sixaxis controller to choose both the direction of the ball and its power. We tried out the latest build of the game at Sony's pre-TGS press event in Tokyo overnight, and we're happy to report that High Velocity Bowling seems to control much better now than in our last hands-on preview with the game.

High Velocity Bowling is an arcade bowler which features the usual stock standard play modes--there's straight-up bowling, head-to-head competitions (which helps unlocks new playable characters), tournaments, and trick shot challenges. Each character has different strengths in ball spin, speed, and accuracy, and they come with names like Average Joe, Average Jill, Spider, Hero, and more.

High Velocity Bowling draws some obvious parallels with Wii Sports' bowling game thanks to its use of the Sixaxis to control both direction and pace of the ball. You hold the PS3 controller sideways in your hand and will initially have to choose the position of your bowler by tilting the controller, followed by the direction...

Rumor: Sony to unveil PS3 rumble at TGS this week

Rumor: Sony to unveil PS3 rumble at TGS this week 50°
389w ago - Several online reports suggest that Sony will likely unveil PS3 rumble technology at the Tokyo Game Show this week.

The rumor stems from a 1UP podcast published last week in which co-host Shane Bettenhausen said DualShock 3 is "confirmed" for PS3, and that it will be officially announced at the Tokyo gaming event this week.

In early August, game developer blog InnerBits reported that rumbled-enabled Sixaxis controllers would be coming in two-to-three months. The site also said the announcement would be coming at Germany's Game Convention which wasn't the case.

Following the report, Sony responded by saying, "We have not added rumble [to PS3], and have no announcements regarding this feature."

Sony has been widely criticized for omitting rumble on the PS3, a technology which company vice president Phil Harrison recently called a "last generation feature."

Pre-TGS 2007: Eternal Sonata Officially Official

Pre-TGS 2007: Eternal Sonata Officially Official 50°
390w ago - PS3 owners get another major RPG! Namco Bandai may have jumped the gun a bit in announcing Eternal Sonata for the PS3, but we weren't quite ready to consider the game confirmed as multiplatform until hearing comment directly from its parent company across the Pacific. That confirmation came today.

The PS3 version of Eternal Sonata, operating under its Japanese title of Trusty Bell Chopan no Yume, will be appearing at Bandai Namco's Tokyo Game Show booth next week, the company announced today through its Tokyo Game Show special site. The game will be shown in video-only form. A Japanese release is planned for some time in 2008.

Other PS3 games planned for the show include playable Time Crisis 4 and video trailers for Nobi Nobi Boy and Soul Calibur 4.

We'll have full coverage of the Bandai Namco booth starting next week on the 20th.

MGS4 Playable at TGS

MGS4 Playable at TGS 50°
390w ago - On the KP Report podcast today, Kojima Productions Assistant Producer Ryan Payton (along with our very own Mark MacDonald) revealed Metal Gear Solid 4 will be playable at the Tokyo Games Show, which opens its doors next Thursday. It's the first time a playable version of the game, which was originally announced back in 2005, will be shown to the public.

Payton also talked about both the positive and negative feedback from the live gameplay demo at the Metal Gear Anniversary Party last July, including concerns about the demo being heavily scripted, the graphics and animation, and the first-person view. Check out the podcast for the full details, and expect hands-on reports from 1UP when TGS starts next week.

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