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Animal Crossing for Nintendo Wii - Game of the Year? 100°
359w ago - Anyone who has played the Nintendo 64, Gamecube or DS version of Nintendo's prized Animal Crossing series will know that they are some of, if not the, most addictive games you will ever play.

Wild world on the DS has gone on to sell eight million copies globally since launch and becomes one of the DS's best selling games. When Nintendo confirmed that a Wii version of the game was in the works the excitement started to build so we...

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Nintendo Wii Homebrew Channel updated! 50°
359w ago - The popular HBC has been updated today, with the following changes:

What's New?

* you don't need to eject your memcards anymore
* switched from IOS35 to IOS21, this makes the hbc usable on older firmware
* improved SD card loading performance (thanks, svpe!)
* improved some translations
* the IP label isn't cut off anymore
* fixed argv support when loading SD apps
* fixed a minor wiiload...

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Mission Complete: Wii NAND switching! 50°
359w ago - ChipD has been working on a recent project in which he has successfully managed to manipulate the Wii's internal NAND memory.

He has extracted the Hynix NAND chip out of a USB flash drive, and cloned the original NAND with an Infectus Mod and use of Amoxiflash.

After this process was completed, he created a switch in order to be able to alter between the two NAND's which may serve...

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Wii Fit tells 11 year old she is Overweight 400°
361w ago - The BBC reports on an 11 year old girl who's parents are unhappy that Wii Fit has called her overweight.

They are arguing that the BMI calculation used in the game is perhaps not the best method of judgement of weight and that impressionable children may be given the wrong message about their body image.

Click the link here to see the full video.

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Katamari for the Nintendo Wii is Cancelled 50°
362w ago - Just got an email from Wally World (aka Wal-Mart) and Beautiful Katamari Wii has been cancelled. Blast! I was kind of looking forward to this game, but after numerous delays, the game has been cancelled.

It was interesting since Nintendo nor Namco Bandai had any information about Beautiful Katamari Wii.

At least Wal-Mart let me down easy with a "maybe this game will be available at a future date" sort of thing.

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Wii Live's Top 5 Things Nintendo should Announce at E3 50°
362w ago - E3 is getting closer and closer. And as much as most people want it to die, I really hope it stays alive. To me, E3 was the place and time where it would be megatons after megatons of gaming announcements, and nothing could be more nostalgic than constant announcements from your favorite gaming company.

There are only so many things that Nintendo could announce at this coming E3 that would really help out Wii. Here is Wii Live's Top...

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Nintendo hit with $21 million Patent Infringement 50°
362w ago - Nintendo of America Inc. was ordered to pay a small East Texas gaming company $21 million Wednesday for infringing on a patent while designing controllers for its popular Wii and GameCube systems.

A federal jury found in favor of Anascape Ltd. in the lawsuit that was originally filed in 2006. Nintendo spokesman Charlie Scibetta said the company will seek an appeal and expects the court to reduce the award "significantly."

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Super Smash Brawl finally coming to Australia 50°
363w ago - Nintendo Australia today announced the release date of Super Smash Brawl for the Wii.

This long overdue title will be on the shelves in Australia on 26th June 2008.

Click the link up top for more information.

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SDLMAME v0.125 Emulator for Wii out now! 50°
363w ago - A Wii port of SDLMAME was publically released last night. To quote from the page linked above: Here I bring another distribution of wii-linux to play in our Wii, only if you have installed the Twilight Hack.

This time I bring you SDLMAME 0.125 (it's still hot =D) ported to the wii, which will let us play those old games from the years 80-90. I don't recommend using it with the Homebrew Channel, since there are hanging problems with...

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Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff announced for Nintendo DS and Wii 100°
364w ago - While at a press conference in Tokyo, Tecmo confirmed that it was working on a brand new Tecmo Bowl game for 2008, but it wouldn't even name a platform for which the game would appear. A company representative would tell the assembled media only that the game was "not going to be on the platform that you're thinking of right now."

Now, thanks to Kotaku online, we have a little more information on the games upcoming release. "When Tecmo...

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