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Sony Finally Gets the PlayStation 3 Out of the Gutter

Sony Finally Gets the PlayStation 3 Out of the Gutter 300°
325w ago - It's been a long time coming for Sony; gaining the 300k mark for the PS3, that is. The latter part of this year wasn't looking too good for the big black box, but some holiday consumer spending put some ample steam under the PS3's numbers for November.

The Associated Press reported some hefty numbers from the NPD, all the way across the board: for the Wii, the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

Nintendo, as usual, ranked number one with console sales for the Wii. Nintendo's motion-movement killer sold an estimated 2 million units. The Xbox 360 wasn't too far behind, though it looks sad for Microsoft because the Xbox 360 [Arcade] sells for less than the Wii and it only managed a respectable, yet disappointing 836,000 SKUs sold.

It was the PlayStation 3 that showed signs of life, despite selling a little less than half of the 360's numbers. Sony's console did an impressive 378,000 units for the month of November, and considering that this is the PS3 we're talking about (and no price drop in sight) that's not half bad.

Heck, the PS3 actually passed up the PS2 with flying colors -- the last gen system is finally showing its age (and uselessness) with consumers purchasing only 206,000 units last...

7-Eleven Gets in the Game by Boosting Video Game Sales

7-Eleven Gets in the Game by Boosting Video Game Sales 100°
328w ago - Today, 7-Eleven announced that they will start carrying certain video game titles for sale, including Fallout 3, Gears of War 2, Call of Duty: World at War and World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

Additionally, they will make several prepaid game cards available for companies (and games) like Nexon, Habbo, Gaia, Guild Wars, Runescape, Aeria, City of Heroes, ijji and Neopets.

Press Release: Gamers never die; they just grow up ... and continue to play ... and play ... and play. Today, the average gamer is not in his teens, but in his early 30s and, not surprisingly, most likely male. They play at home, at social gatherings, at work (shhhh) and online.

That's good news for 7-Eleven, Inc. whose customer base skews heavily male between the ages of 18 and 34. The world's leading convenience retailer is ready to take the proverbial plunge into video game sales after dabbling in it over the past years with successful Slurpee® beverage promotions aimed at top-selling game franchises like Microsoft's Halo and EA Sport's Madden.

This month, participating 7-Eleven® stores introduce a line-up of seven of the top video game titles for sale as well as one of the most comprehensive selection of prepaid gift cards for another growing gaming phenomenon - Massively Multi-player...

OPM Review: Mirror's Edge gets 9/10 for Originality, Users Agree

OPM Review: Mirror's Edge gets 9/10 for Originality, Users Agree 50°
331w ago - SamehNBeans of GameTrailers (linked above) has shared some scans of the Official PlayStation Magazine's review of Mirror's Edge... and its looking good!

They have awarded the title a score of 9/10, and claim that the "bottom line is you've never played anything like Mirror's Edge. It's a genuine original."

In related news, Forum users zoned and asandhu seem to already be in agreement with many more likely to come.

To quote: EVERYBODY should get the mirrors edge demo now!! its amazing and not that short. its actually two levels and the graphics are stunning. It gets pretty intense in the second level when the cops chase you. im gonna get this game just from playing that demo. VERY unique, yet simple.

RadioShack Offers Gift Cards for Old, Broken Gadgets

RadioShack Offers Gift Cards for Old, Broken Gadgets 50°
331w ago - RadioShack's Online Trade-In Program will swap your old gadgets for gift cards. You search their database for your gadget and offer the best quality assessment that you can, and they provide a mail-in sticker that you print.

If all goes well, they'll send you a gift card 10-14 days after the unit is received. So assuming worst case scenario, what are your totally broken gadgets worth?

• 3G iPod (10GB) - $3.23
• 1st Gen Zune - $5.81
• Palm Treo 650 - $3.69
• Xbox 360 Premium - $9.65
• DS Lite - $4.25
• Wii - $15.85
• PlayStation 3 (60GB) - $23.48

Needless to say, if you've trashed all of your electronics, you may be able to unload them and score a few bucks in the process.

Apple-Microsoft Advertisement War Gets Ugly

Apple-Microsoft Advertisement War Gets Ugly 100°
332w ago - The multimillion-dollar ad war between Microsoft and Apple has turned nasty, with Apple firing the latest salvo in an attempt to continue to define Vista as a broken, bug-ridden operating system.

Apple's ads have long lampooned the PC for being staid and uncool but, this time, Apple's target isn't the PC per se, but Microsoft's marketing strategy.

The first of two new ads shows PC, played by John Hodgman, allocating stacks of dollar bills toward either "advertising" or "fix Vista", with the bulk of the money going to advertising.

The ad is a swipe at Microsoft's $US300 million ($430 million) ad campaign to redefine Windows Vista's image, which featured stars including comedian Jerry Seinfeld (reportedly paid $US10 million for his appearance), actress Eva Longoria, singer Pharrell Williams and even the author Deepak Chopra.

A belated response to Apple's highly successful "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" ads, the campaign sought to paint Apple and Mac users as elitists by presenting a slew of everyday PC users, such as scientists and teachers, espousing the virtues of their platform of choice.

"Hello, I'm a PC and I've been made into a stereotype," says a Microsoft engineer in one of the ads.

The second new ad from Apple...

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