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Do we really need another Burnout?

Do we really need another Burnout? 350°
346w ago - Let's face it people... Criterion is churning out more new updates than Spore's Creature Creator has been churning out monsters. With the new and long awaited Cagney update available for the Xbox 360 and PS3, the upcoming Davis update in August, and the Eastwood update in the Fall as well as talk about another update offering planes in Paradise City - one question has come to mind.

Criterion has taken a chance and succeed with their "Massive" updates that makes Grand Theft Auto IV's "Episodic Content" look like Oblivion's ever so useless Horse armor. Adding several gameplay additions like new gametypes to motorcycles, outer islands, and maybe even planes. It seems like they gotten things down good enough where they don't even need to release a Burnout 6. There hasn't even been much talk, speculation or even rumors on a Burnout 6.

These upcoming updates are surely promising as well. They can turn a game from a simple car crashing arcade game into a huge expansive game with the addition of motorcycles, a night/day cycle, a new island, and possibly planes. Transforming Paradise into a game that can reach more players of other genres: like the flight sim crowd.

Another important question comes to mind as well. If Criterion can continuously update their game to add more aspects to it's gameplay:...

BioWare Unveils Dragon Age Finally!

BioWare Unveils Dragon Age Finally! 50°
347w ago - BioWare has just updated their official Dragon Age site with its first real glimpse at the game. Well, not really. All it does is tell you that the first real glimpse of the game will occur on Spike TV on Friday night.

You can head over to the Dragon Age site to check out the full scoop for yourself by clicking HERE.

To quote: Dragon Age: Origins, the highly anticipated dark fantasy epic is set to debut on GameTrailers TV airing this Friday night at 1:00am on Spike TV and Spike HD. The trailer will be available in High Definition after it airs at GameTrailers.com.

Newton Motion Controller Finally Confirmed?

Newton Motion Controller Finally Confirmed? 50°
347w ago - Shhhh... In a recent IGN video clip Ken Lobb (Creative director of Microsoft game studios) showed the world game play footage of the latest Banjo-Kazooie installment. With all this talk about a motion controller coming to the Xbox 360, could it actually be happening? Apparently so!

In the IGN video clip it clearly shows Ken Lobb playing through the hub world of Nuts and Bolts. Whilst playing the game he moves Banjo up close to a crane. He then states that Kazooie has a special wrench that is used on certain items. He continued saying "you basically grab with the wrench, and then you twist the controller around and it will move different things in the game". So he basically confirmed a motion censored controller right?

I hope that if this statement is correct and that the "Newton" controller is finally confirmed at E3 that Microsoft use it wisely. We've seen in several Wii and PS3 games that the standard of motion controls in some games are not up to scratch. i.e. Lair and Motor Storm. If Microsoft decide to utilize this new controller lets hope it doesn't turn into a laughable gimmick by making games awkward to control and that it actually makes game more enjoyable to play.

Soul Calibur IV Install Size Confirmed at 2.85GB and 2MB Save

Soul Calibur IV Install Size Confirmed at 2.85GB and 2MB Save 550°
347w ago - We now have confirmation available which debunks previous reports of a near-7GB install for Soul Calibur IV.

Courtesy of bi0sparkz from GameTrailers (linked above), the magazine scan below now confirms that the Soul Calibur IV install size is 2.85GB and a 2MB save on PS3.

While those with larger PS3 hard disk drives remain unconcerned, it is definitely comforting news for Soul Calibur IV fans who still own smaller PS3 HDDs.

Call of Duty 4: Larger burden on Sony PS3 than Xbox 360

Call of Duty 4: Larger burden on Sony PS3 than Xbox 360 50°
347w ago - Games like Call of Duty 4 run at a framerate of 60 frames per second on both systems. But Call of Duty 4 is a game that experienced technical problems with various bottlenecks due to the varying levels of action that occur on the screen. The game was originally designed to run at 60 frames per second at 720p, but it caused drops in the framerate.

The proof of this is the fact that Call of Duty 4 runs at a resolution of only 640p on both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. This may be "equal" in terms of what is displayed on the screen, but the FACT is that Call of Duty 4 is putting a much larger burden on the PS3 than it is the Xbox 360.

Confirmation of this can be seen in the large number of games that "run smoothly at 60 frames per second on the Xbox 360, but struggle to run at 30 frames per second on the Playstation 3." That was a quote from Gamespot.

It's simple math: The Xbox 360 can display approximately 500,000,000 polygons per second, compared to 275,000,000 polygons per second for the Playstation 3.

Multi-platform games use what is called a "Lowest Common Denominator" form of programming.

Basically, what this means is the developers start out by saying to themselves, "We need to develop a game for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3."

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