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PSP MAC Address Spoofer released!

PSP MAC Address Spoofer released! 50°
377w ago - Dark_AleX has released a PSP MAC Address Spoofer, a Custom Firmware plug-in that allows users to temporally change the MAC address that the PSP sends to access points or other WiFi devices.

Download: PSP MAC Address Spoofer

From the ReadMe:

This plug-in does NOT:

- Change the mac address stored in idstorage (that's useless, as that is just to show the inf in xmb). Therefore you will still see your old mac in system info.
- Change the read only mac address stored in the wlan chip.

This plug-in DOES:

- Change the mac address that your psp will send to other wireless devices. This is useful if you want to hide your real mac address to other people for some reason, or if you want to bypass some mac filter protection of your neighbor

You can see your spoofed mac address when you test a connection in the XMB, or if you look into router logs.

By default, the Sony firmware "tells" the wlan chip firmware to use the internal mac address.
This plugin just changes that.

Compatibility is limited from 3.71 M33 to 3.71 M33-4. The plug-in may have to be updated for future firmware releases.

Leopard upgrade hits Mac firewall

Leopard upgrade hits Mac firewall 50°
383w ago - Upgrading to the latest version of Apple's operating system, might make a Mac less secure, say experts.

A test of Leopard revealed that installing it led to the firewall on a Mac being turned off and its default setting changed to leave it disabled.

Heise Security, who conducted the tests, said the failings meant users could not "rely" on the firewall to protect them.

Apple has yet to comment about the security shortcomings in Leopard.

Leopard, the newest version of OS X, was launched on 26 October and since then Apple claims to have sold or delivered more than two million copies of the software.

But a test of Leopard by Heise Security security expert Jurgen Schmidt found that the firewall in the updated software was set to off and allowed any and every incoming net connection.

Mr Schmidt also found that installing the software as an upgrade to a machine on which the firewall was turned on would lead to this protective software being turned off when that computer was re-started.

He also found that even when the firewall was re-activated it did not let users know about all the potentially vulnerable processes running on that machine.

Commenting for Heise Mike Barwise, editor of the site, said: "This as a serious problem: It provides...

Apple ready to set Leopard free

Apple ready to set Leopard free 50°
384w ago - Leopard, the latest update of the Apple Mac operating system OS X, goes on sale worldwide from 1800 BST.

The release ends months of waiting for Mac fans, after Apple pushed back the launch to finish development on its much-hyped iPhone.

Early reviews for Leopard have been positive with veteran technology writer Walt Mossberg calling it "evolutionary, not revolutionary".

Apple is hoping to build on recent strong sales of its Mac computers.

In the last three months, Apple sold 2.2 million Macs, up 400,000 on its previous best quarter.

The company is touting Leopard as a Vista-beater, pointing to new features not found in the new operating system (OS) from Microsoft that drives many PCs.

Apple sets Leopard release date

Apple sets Leopard release date 50°
385w ago - Leopard, the update to Apple's operating system for its computers, will be released on 26 October. Due in June the update was delayed by four months as Apple deployed engineers to work on its iPhone.

Leopard is the sixth version of the operating system to appear since OS X made its debut in 2001.

Apple said it had more than 300 new features onboard including one named "Time Machine" that automatically backs up important files.

PSP WiFi MAC Address Fixer out!

PSP WiFi MAC Address Fixer out! 50°
388w ago - To quote: This is a little utility to help all of those who are too lazy to manually change their MAC address back to the correct value. This can be of use for people that have changed Wifi boards in the PSP, or if they have changed the MAC address manually.

Download: PSP WiFi MAC Address Fixer

Hopefully this will make life easier for others.

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