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Solderless Adaptor Released for Wii - Wlip 50°
October 24, 2007 // 12:30 pm - Wlip is an adapter that has been designed especially to install any Modchip in your Wii in a faster and easy way and without damage for your console, because there is no need for welding.

You can install it yourself without any technical procedure in a few minutes. The Wlip adapter is the answer for the demand of thousands of users who want to install a Modchip in their console but they just don't trust in a complex procedure which may damage their Wii, or even drill your console for new Wiis version (with cut legs), loosing your guarantee.

In Installation Section we teach...


Wii D2CKey Installation Guide and updated information available! 50°
October 4, 2007 // 12:17 am - Those interested can check out the Installation Guide v1.0.1 in PDF format and the chip specs below:

Download: D2CKey Installation Guide v1.0.1

Access control LEDs

LED 1: disc access indicator.
LED 2: data patching indicator:

* Flashes smoothly during disc insertion and detection
* Lit when backup is detected (after disclogin)
* Off when original is detected

DVD media compability

* DVD+-R
* Dual-layer DVD...


Wii 50°
October 2, 2007 // 1:49 pm - A few days ago we reported of the Wii "D2C" Chip pictures, and today their Web site (linked above) has gone live for those who own a Wii "D2C" model and are experienced in PCB soldering.

Dubbed the D2CKey, current details on the chip are as follows:

  • Direct boot of Wii and Gamecube games, on-the-fly region patching, audiostreaming fix and more...
  • Compatible with most DVD+/-R and RW media (no bitsetting required) and multigame discs...
  • 350MHz Performance with advanced AES128 bit encryption, yet runs on an ultra-low-power core...
  • Integrates...

  • Comments

    Infamous Wii 50°
    September 28, 2007 // 11:21 am - To quote: We have received the new D2C photo that shows an incredible 30 wire connection, a really difficult wiring routine! The chip introduces a new technology that confuse the Wii reader, it don't modify RAM and all BCA are implemented.

    Technical data:

    30 wire connection
    ACTEL processor, a must!!!
    Direct Boot from Wii games (extreme compatibility, more than Wiikey)
    Dirct boot for every GC game
    Multiple disc support
    Audio streaming for GC Games supported
    Partial regional Patch (work on 80% of games)

    This chip will cost...


    Spy charges for US computer duo 50°
    September 28, 2007 // 12:40 am - Two computer engineers in the US state of California have been charged with conspiring to steal microchip designs to sell to the Chinese military.

    US citizen Lee Lan and Chinese national Ge Yuefei are accused of stealing computer chip designs from their employer Netlogics Microsystems.

    The two are alleged to have formed a company to develop chips based on the stolen designs.


    Big future beckons for tiny chips 50°
    September 19, 2007 // 9:56 pm - The next step in the silicon industry's steadfast pursuit of ever smaller and faster chips has been unveiled.

    Intel has shown off what it says are the world's first working chips which contain transistors with features just 32 billionths of a metre wide.

    Their production means the industry axiom that has underpinned all chip development for the last 40 years, known as Moore's Law, remains intact.


    Sony Denies Plans to Sell Chip Operations 50°
    September 18, 2007 // 6:19 pm - According to the Associated Press, Japanese business daily Nikkei said Saturday that Sony was planning to shed costly semiconductor assets in a deal that could be worth about 100 billion yen ($870 million). Nikkei reported that an agreement could be reached in the next few months, allowing Sony to focus on audiovisual equipment instead.

    Sony was said to be considering establishing a joint venture with Toshiba following any sale in order to ensure that there was a ready supply of chips for its gaming devices, specifically the PlayStation 3's Cell processor, which Sony developed in...


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