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New unknown features of PS3 Firmware 2.00

New unknown features of PS3 Firmware 2.00 50°
382w ago - New unknown features of FW 2.0:

  • Streaming of Trailers possible during download from the Playstation Store.
  • New Flash-Player update for the Internetbrowser.
  • Browser and Store faster (Loadingtime)
  • Demos, PS1 Games und Download Games can be sorted in folders
  • A new Video-Chat
  • [confirmed] Support for CANON Printers

    PS3 Development Discoveries: Week 1

    PS3 Development Discoveries: Week 1 100°
    382w ago - Each week or so we will post a brief report from the resident PS3 Devs here, and below is one for this week:

    The PS3 Boot-up Procedure.

    The SCC (Super Companion Chip), made by Toshiba gets the PS3 started up. It reads asecure_loader from flash, and loads it into SPE in isolation mode. The Flash reading is interesting, as the data on the flash chips are interleaved, so the SCC merges them, among other things.

    asecure_loader is then decrypted and ran, and it brings up lv1ldr. The keys for self decryption (among other things) are most likely accessible at this time.

    lv1ldr is then decrypted and ran, and verifies the integrity of lv1.self , decrypts and runs it.

    lv1.self is most likely our base code, also known as the Hypervisor. The Hypervisor then calls lv2ldr.

    lv2ldr is ran, and it runs lv2_kernel.self

    LV2 kernel.self is essentially the PS3OS, it starts up, brings the XMB up, any game/movie in the drive.

    This is a solid working theory. Without expensive hardware, we can not confirm this 100%, but it is the most logical approach!

    A few select files from the flash:


    Rumor: New v2.00 PS3 update kills GT4 backwards compatibility

    Rumor: New v2.00 PS3 update kills GT4 backwards compatibility 350°
    382w ago - According to Guy Legend, a busy thread on the official PlayStation forums which had multiple people stating that the new firmware update for PS3 has killed backwards compatibility with GT4 has been mysteriously removed.

    To quote: Apparently on the PlayStation boards there was a thread (which suddenly vanished without a trace) that the new 2.00 update has killed the 80 gb's BC with Gran Turismo 4. Multiple people said that the game would no longer work.

    Ugh, anyone here able to try it? I assume if made aware, they would fix this in the next update...

    PlayStation Store Update for November 8, 2007

    PlayStation Store Update for November 8, 2007 50°
    382w ago - To quote from Grace Chen (Senior Manager, PLAYSTATION Store):

    Hey, everyone. It's time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.

    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Demo (free)
    Download the exclusive demo of the highly anticipated Uncharted: Drake's Fortune!
    File size: 1.17 GB
    ESRB Rated T

    College Hoops 2K8 Demo (free)
    College Hoops 2K8, the #1 selling college basketball game last year and the #1 rated college basketball game five years running returns to the PLAYSTATION3 computer entertainment system. This year's game gets the deepest feature enhancements in the history of the franchise and is sure to be a contender to repeat as what Operation Sports crowned "Basketball Game of the Year" for 2006.
    File size: 578 MB
    ESRB Rated E

    Add-on Game Content:
    MotorStorm Devil's Weekend Add-On ($5.99)
    The MotorStorm festivals continue with a new lineup of brutal events to battle through. Devil's Weekend is packed with new content that includes:
    • New track - Devil's Crossing
    • The Devil's Weekend festival with 9 new races
    • 5 new vehicles with 3 styles each available immediately
    File size: 90.5 MB

    Guitar Hero III Foo Fighters Pack ($6.25)

    Uncharted Drake demo locked for U.S only; runs at 1080p

    Uncharted Drake demo locked for U.S only; runs at 1080p 550°
    382w ago - According to reports from NeoGAF, the demo for Uncharted Drake's Fortune may be locked for U.S Only.

    Other areas are receiving blank screens and insert disc messages. Anyone else had problems with the demo?

    Users have also reported that the demo runs at 1080p.

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