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PSP Phone concept, I think I like this one the best 50°
384w ago - So gamers realize that when cellphone manufacturers try and combine gaming and cell-phones they usually screw it up, so in an effort to push Sony-Ericsson in the right direction, some guy came up with this design for the PSP phone. It maintains the full functionality of the PSP but adds the phone functionality in.

It looks like it's a dual slider that slides up for the phone keypad or at an angle for the PSP controls. Sure, you might...

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New Aibo PS3, PSP Compatible? 50°
384w ago - It looks like Ash may have been right. Stuff magazine is running a rumor item on the possibility of an upcoming Aibo, the robotic dog, working with the Playstation Portable and Playstation 3. The rumor goes that the Sony Aibo PS, as they call it, is being resuscitated by Sony's Playstation division in an attempt to "bolster the PS3's arsenal."

The Aibo PS will appear with its own avatar within Home and react in the real world as he does...

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Microsoft gives Vista boost with birth of SP1 50°
384w ago - SP1 might only be three characters, but it's make or break time for Microsoft. The corporation clearly remains hopeful that the Vista stragglers will want to make the transition once it has ironed out all the creases in an operating system riddled with tiny bugs.

Microsoft is making the Release Candidate (RC) of Service Pack 1 - the post-beta, pre-release version - available next week to the public via Microsoft's Download Center here.

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Xbox 360 DivX/XviD Playback Tested: It's Almost Perfect 50°
384w ago - The Xbox 360 supports DivX and XviD as of today, which may make some of you with big file collections (like us) as giddy as a kid in store with puppies made of candy. We threw our entire collection of movies, TV shows and random clips at it and found that the 360 can play back pretty much anything. Here are some notes.

You can play files off of a CD/DVD. This feature wasn't listed on the Xbox Team's website as one of the supported locations...

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LG 6x Blu-Ray Burner Available in Korea 50°
385w ago - LG has officially today announced the release of the first Blu-Ray/HD DVD Super-multi DVD burner capable of writing at 6x on Blu-Ray media.

The new GGW-H20L is the successor of the currently available GGW-H10N Super-multi Blue Blu-Ray /HD DVD combo drive. Basic specifications include a SATA interface, support for Lightscribe, 6x burning for BD-R media using the CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) writing strategy, 3x HD DVD-ROM reading (15GB...

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PS3 Cracks Quicker Than the Rest, Passwords That Is 400°
385w ago - Want to get yourself some money in double quick time, or get hold of some top secret government documents? Then why not use your PS3 to crack some passwords faster than ever before!

Security researcher Nick Breese has harnessed the power of the PS3's cell processor to allow him to crack passwords with only a few hours work - despite formerly taking days to solve.

An Intel chip can go through 10-15 million cycles a second,...

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The End of Blu-ray Vs. HD DVD War Cometh January 15, 2008? 100°
385w ago - We've talked time and time again about the ongoing war between the two next-generation DVD formats, HD DVD and Blu-ray, and about what each of the two sides is doing in order to achieve victory in this conflict.

However, there are some pretty strong chances that both Sony's and Toshiba's (the two developers and main backers of said formats) plans might be hindered by none other than the Korean company Samsung and its dual-format player,...

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Playstation 3 Turns Into Useless Brick After Firmware Update 2.01 50°
385w ago - Want your own BrickStation 3? Upgrade to 2.01 and hold your breath... Starting last week, PS3 owners started reporting that their next gen console would not read their Blu-Ray discs. Some users reported that their PS3 would not even read DVDs. All reports started to come in after gamers made the upgrade to 2.01.

"I inserted Blu Ray Disc into PS3 for first time and movie appeared under video tab. It started to play and i started skipping...

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Massive 1TB recorder sucks up broadcast HD TV 50°
386w ago - Rather than investing in one of the competing high-definition disk formats right now, a technologically sound alternative might be to hedge your bets by plumping for a hard-drive solution such as the latest from I-O Data Japan.

The 99,800 (£445) Rec-POT HVR-HD1000EX features a whopping 1TB hard drive that can store over 100 hours of full-definition HD TV or 250 hours of standard digital broadcasting.

FireWire over and...

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Dual Shock 3 dissected - First photos 100°
386w ago - Officially announced at this year's Tokyo Game show and due to hit the west next spring, Sony's long hoped-for rumble-enabled Sixaxis controller for the PlayStation 3 is now available in Japan. We've found some pictures on a Japanese Web site which show off both an exposed view of the controller's insides as well as the rumble effect of the motors. Click through for those latter ones.

As expected it's a similar twin-motor set-up to...

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