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Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

374w ago - Here are some new images of Bandai Namco's celshaded fighting game Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit for PS3 and Xbox 360, the game will be released in 2008.

More pics can be seen at the link up top!

Our Ten Most Awaited Games Of 2008

374w ago - With 2007 almost over, it's time to turn to the future: 2008, the year where we'll finally get both rocket packs and flying cars! Also, new videogames. Here are the games we're most looking forward to in the coming 12 months. Feel free to add your own most-awaited titles in our comment section.

Grand Theft Auto 4 -- It would be impossible to make a list of the most anticipated games of the year without including this one. Can it live up to the hype? We'll find out in a few months.

Wii Fit -- Yeah, it's not a hardcore game for your hardcore types, but we got to try out the balance board at E3, and we think Nintendo is definitely onto something with this game/peripheral. Mark our words, you're gonna want this one.

Duke Nukem Forever -- Ha, ha. j/k. This probably isn't coming out ever, but we're still excited. We're optimists like that.

Metal Gear Solid 4 -- What even needs to be said about this? A next-gen metal gear, gotta-have-it system seller for the PlayStation 3? Yeah, buddy!

Mario Kart -- The Wii was designed for this first-party killer party game.

Spore -- Wil Wright's universe simulator could be either the most ambitious, funnest game ever made or the most ambitious, boring game ever, but we have our fingers crossed.

Super Smash...

If video-game companies want 2008 success, they should look to 2007 failures

374w ago - Usually I round up the worst video games of the year. But why should I bash "Transformers" and other lackluster titles at this point? Most bad games don't sell well, or they're already forgotten.

What's more important now, the slowest period of the year for new releases, is to look ahead at 2008 and to chronicle disappointing moments of 2007, in hopes that game makers will stop doing stupid stuff.

•Maddening fumbles: "Madden NFL 08" looks beautiful. It plays sweet, mostly. But "08" came with more fumbles and interceptions than ever. Defenses are beefed up. Offenses have buttery fingers. This makes things more realistically challenging, because you can't toss ill-advised passes without repercussions. Fine. Sure. Whatever. I haven't played "Madden" much. Don't plan to.

•Game testing fell short: Before a game is released, testers play through them, of course. But not only did testers drop the ball on "Madden" fumbling, they didn't find troubles with a few other big titles. (Or, possibly, game designers didn't listen enough to testers' complaints.) The most disappointing experience of 2007 came in "Spider-Man 3," a downfall that should have been caught during the testing process.

It's great fun until halfway through, when it becomes unfathomably...

PlayStation Tips #4 - DLNA media server

374w ago - Some of you may have heard the term "DLNA" on this blog or elsewhere, and the term has been discussed recently with the 2.10 firmware update that added DivX video support.

For those who aren't familiar or want a refresher, DLNA stands for Digital Living Network Alliance - it's basically a group of companies developing technology to make it easier to share videos, music, and photos between devices. PS3 is DLNA-compliant, so the system can "talk" to your PC and access media files on your PC's hard drive. There are multiple ways to setup DLNA on your PC, and Eric Lempel covered one of them here. Another great option is TVersity.

What's cool about PS3's DLNA feature is that it's not limited to your living room. Combine the feature with Remote Play, and you can play back media files using your PSP wherever there's a Wi-Fi hotspot.

If you're traveling for the holidays and you're stuck at the airport, DLNA and Remote Play won't make your delay any shorter, but it can certainly make the time go by faster.

European PSN updates for December 27, 2007

374w ago - There's no American PSN update for today, unfortunately, so we'll have to rely on Sony Europe to deliver some nice Christmas goodies for us; which they have.

Not a lot, by any means, but we certainly used to dream of the days when we'd get three demos a week. Here's the full release list:

  • Super Stardust HD demo "and upgrade" (free)
  • The Club demo (free)
  • Snakeball demo (free) - now on the UK store

  • Like we said, there's not a lot but it's better than nothing, right? We're very glad to finally see a demo for Super Stardust HD - now people can try the game out before they buy it. If you already have the game installed, then it will simply upgrade your version to the new rumble enabled, custom-soundtrack touting version.

    The Snakeball demo was missing from the UK store (as well as other EU stores) last week but has now made an appearance. The full game is available via the in-game store, so you could technically count it as a full game release. Not a bad week when you consider that everyone's off for Christmas!
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