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Sony: Official word on new PS3 Wireless Keypad and Pictures 200°
348w ago - And here they are: The first ever pictures of the PS3's wireless keypad, unveiled by Sony at Leipzig earlier on today!

Below is the related Press Release as well...

Press Release: Keypad Attaches to SIXAXIS™ and DUALSHOCK®3 Wireless Controllers for Quick and Simple Text Input on PS3®

Tokyo, August 21, 2008 - Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) today announced that it would release the Wireless Keypad,...

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New House of the Dead Revealed for Wii 250°
349w ago - The trailer for House of the Dead Overkill hit the Web.. So you know that new Sega game from Headstrong that was supposed to be revealed at the Leipzig Games Convention? Well, just a day before the show officially kicks off the game has been unearthed in a trailer that hit the web.

And instead of it being a new Jet Grind Radio as previously rumored, it's a brand new House of the Dead light gun shooter installment for the Wii called House...

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New Leaked Resistance 2 BETA Gameplay Video Available! 100°
349w ago - Today some new leaked footage of Resistance 2 BETA is available.

It comes courtesy of ChiddaPotta at GameTrailers, and the caption reads as follows:

"New leaked footage of Resistance 2 Beta. 10 minutes of gameplay from the game. Part 1 of 2."

The video is below, enjoy!

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Video: Fallout 3 New Gameplay from Bravo! 50°
349w ago - Below is a new video with 4 minutes of gameplay footage for Fallout 3 shown in this gameplay demo from Bravo TV show Playr's.

Video can be seen below, courtesy of ChiddaPotta at GameTrailers.

Enjoy all.

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Video: New Walmart LittleBigPlanet Trailer Available 100°
349w ago - Today a new LittleBigPlanet promotional Walmart trailer is available.

Courtesy of joystiq via YouTube, the video's caption reads as follows:

"The giant retailer also gets its own LBP trailer."

Video is below, enjoy all!

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Rumored New PS3 Exclusive: Savage Moon 50°
349w ago - If you're a European detective, you might have discovered that the German software ratings board (USK) is listing every game to appear at the upcoming Leipzig Games Convention.

At least, most of them. This can result in some lovely new game titles, possibly spoiling certain publisher's announcements.

It is developed by Sony, hence it will be a PS3 exclusive and is described as residing...

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Videos: Two new Resistance 2 Trailers Available 50°
349w ago - Today two new Resistance 2 trailers have been released. They are the Project Abraham Ultimatum Trailer and Project Abraham Doctor's Message trailer.

Both are below, courtesy of GameTrailers with captions as follows:

Resistance 2: Project Abraham Ultimatum Trailer

"The choice is yours, duty or ethics?"

Resistance 2: Project Abraham Doctor's Message Trailer

"Unwilling to choose who lives...

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Rumor: New PlayStation Home BETA Applications Being Accepted? 200°
350w ago - Rumor has it that Sony has been sending out PlayStation Home acceptence e-mails to a variety of gamers very recently, and below is a capture of one such example...

The picture comes courtesy of HaitianFresh via N4G (linked above) for the e-mail, however, many are already disputing the fact that the date says Monday, August 12 while today is Tuesday, August 12.

Also in question is whether Sony refer to PlayStation...

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Alison Carroll is the New Lara Croft 300°
350w ago - With Angelina Jolie tending to her ever-growing brood of children, a new woman has stepped into the role of Lara Croft - British gymnast Alison Carroll.

Earlier today (August 11), Alison appeared before the media for the first time during a press conference at Pineapple Studios in London, England.

For the new Tomb Raider game, slated for a November release, Carroll will be the face of Croft, joining the long...

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Video: New LittleBigPlanet trailer available! 50°
350w ago - is apparently in cahoots with SCEA in pushing Sony's up and coming exclusive LittleBigPlanet.

Earlier today, Amazon posted a new exclusive trailer of the game, showing some new possibilities, including a really impressive monster character and some vehicle ideas.

LittleBigPlanet is due out for the holiday season this October.

Check out the trailer here:

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