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Fifa Street 3 Gameplay Movie

Fifa Street 3 Gameplay Movie 50°
371w ago - Console Addicted offers us a 6 minute gameplay movie from the upcoming EA BIG title Fifa Street 3.

Vidoe can be seen on this site here, or you can download the clip from here.


Alone in the Dark for PS3

Alone in the Dark for PS3 50°
371w ago - When it comes to cutting edge trouser-spoilers, Resident Evil is still the daddy. Continually bending the rules of survival horror, the fourth game in the series was not only one of the best games on PS2, but probably one of the best games ever made.

And yet... while they could certainly lay claim to propelling horror gaming forward with arse-clenching frightfests like RE Nemesis, Capcom can't claim to have invented the genre. That honour goes to Alone in the Dark, originally developed by Infogrames, which squeaked out in impressively spooksome form as a PC game - and then 3DO conversion - back in 1992, a full four years ahead of RE.

But in classic horror movie fashion, Alone in the Dark isn't just back from the dead, it's back bigger, better and more dangerous than ever. The fifth game in the series, developed by Test Drive Unlimited coders Eden and penciled in for a March release, is a hugely ambitious, brain-hurtingly large-scale ghost story.

You play Edward Carnby, paranormal 'tec and - in his present guise, at least - lawyer-baiting twin of ex-Kylie squeeze, Olivier Martinez. The story, penned by Sleepers writer Lorenzo Carcetera, has been sealed off like a crime scene, so how Carnby (who, according to Eden, is the same Carnby that turned up in the original Alone in the...

Best Reasons PS3 Is Going to Kick Butt in '08

Best Reasons PS3 Is Going to Kick Butt in '08 800°
371w ago - The 360 blew it's load last year and now it's the Playstation 3's turn. Only a few weeks into the new year and the PS3 has quickly become THE system for gamers to own. A couple of us here at the Pail sat down and figured out how and why the PS3 is going to kick ass in 2008.

Blu-ray Movies

You could say that it's all Warner's fault. With their announcement of going exclusively to Blu-ray, Paramount and Universal started shifting in their chairs. Now the two companies are using their escape clause to leave HD-DVD behind; and all hope for HD-DVD with them. Blu-ray is now the unofficial winner of the hi-def movie format war. Sony was taking a risk on putting a blu-ray player in the PS3, and it paid off.

Blu-ray Games

Blu-ray discs aren't just used for movies. The PS3 game discs also use the format. This allows developers to store more content on the disc. With all the hi-def graphics and audio gamers are demanding now, more storage space is key. The Xbox 360 developers are hampered by the fact they can only put content on a regular DVD. The folks over at Ninja Theory have said they would not have been able to make the game fit on a regular DVD. Now some 360 devs have said they may need to cache content on the hard drive just to have the game look and feel the way they want....

A Closer Look at Prototype

A Closer Look at Prototype 50°
371w ago - Alright, I have to admit -- when I first learned about Prototype when it was first revealed in Game Informer, I was still a little unsure on how the team behind the Hulk video games would be able to accomplish something on such a massive scale.

A full recreation of New York City, coupled with a protagonist with superhuman shape-shifting abilities, wrapped in Coop gameplay, with that much chaos and destruction happening all around you? It sounded too good to be true.

Thankfully, in this recent video by XPlay, there's no doubt in my mind that this is really the game I have been looking for all of these years. As you can see from the demo footage, right out of the gate, Prototype looks absolutely gorgeous in the midst of all of that insanity. Bullets are flying, Apache Helicopters are swooping around, and tanks are rolling in, all with the intent of blowing you up. However, with the inclusion of all of your strongest powers right from the start, these guys have their work cut out for them if they want to take down this bulldozer of a beast.

The best part is that this game is only 20% done. How much more can they honestly pack in? Prototype already looks to be an instant hit with gamers when it comes out this Summer.

ICE dethaws old R:FOM crash; claims hack LOL!

ICE dethaws old R:FOM crash; claims hack LOL! 50°
371w ago - On iRC EFnet #PS3News tonight 'Team ICE' (alec, streetskaterfu, iqd) approached CJPC showing him a video (below) of a 2007 R:FOM crash/hang/lag in which they falsely claim "OMFG we can hack/run unsigned code 9111!"

Both the claim/video are worth about as much as the recently released P3DXLoad Video, however, the tards are posting:

"First we found an exploit to run SELF files in gameos. Then we coded an application which converts ELF files into runable SELF files. We can load these with our exploit. The coding is not finished, we still have to clean the code, that we will get an screen output. The SELF files are running, but screen doesnt show this atm. When this is fixed we could release a "hello world"."

Sadly, this is false and an utter waste of time. For starters, the 'exploit' used to launch the code is quite dated. It uses Resistance: Fall Of Man to copy a replacement EBOOT.BIN to the PS3's HDD. This is quite similiar to the Warhawk method detailed here and here,...

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