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Intel backs wireless Africa plan 50°
October 31, 2007 // 1:08 pm - Africa needs to embrace wireless broadband as a potential solution to the digital divide, the chairman of Intel Craig Barrett has said.

"It's cheaper, easier and more efficient to communicate wirelessly," he told the BBC News website.

Less than 1% of Africans have access to broadband and only 4% use the net.

The International Telecommunications Union has predicted that the Intel-backed Wimax system could become the dominant mobile standard in Africa.

The continent's geography and political barriers have made it difficult to roll out wired broadband.


Guitar Hero 3 goes on sale, gets unboxed, melts countless faces 50°
October 28, 2007 // 3:51 pm - Yep, Guitar Hero 3 is officially on sale and everyone and their tattoed mother's picked up a copy (along with the new axes that accompany it).

Oh sure, GH2 players making the jump to 3 won't feel like any less like any less of a nerd trying to ape the genuinely cool (that is, if you actually still think The Scorpions are cool), but now your guitar is collapsible and, if you're lucky, wireless. Rock on, Bill, Ted. Video below:


Solderless Adaptor Released for Wii - Wlip 50°
October 24, 2007 // 12:30 pm - Wlip is an adapter that has been designed especially to install any Modchip in your Wii in a faster and easy way and without damage for your console, because there is no need for welding.

You can install it yourself without any technical procedure in a few minutes. The Wlip adapter is the answer for the demand of thousands of users who want to install a Modchip in their console but they just don't trust in a complex procedure which may damage their Wii, or even drill your console for new Wiis version (with cut legs), loosing your guarantee.

In Installation Section we...


Google criticises Verizon for 700-MHz lobbying 50°
October 7, 2007 // 10:01 am - Google has came out swinging once again against telecommunications player Verizon Communications in the companies' ongoing debate over the upcoming auction of the 700-MHz wireless spectrum band.

In an entry on the company's policy blog, Google's Washington media and telecom counsel Richard Whitt criticized Verizon for reports that the telecom company is heavily lobbying the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to change the newly established "open access" provision to the auction.


Town tries out Cybercar concept 50°
September 26, 2007 // 2:05 pm - A driverless car which is controlled by computer and uses lasers to avoid obstacles is being demonstrated in a Northamptonshire town.

Daventry is investigating ways to increase the use of public transport and reduce reliance on cars.

The town council believes the Cybercars, which are called by pressing a button on the route and go direct to their destination, could be the answer.


Wireless networks: Your Electronics Weekly guide 50°
August 26, 2007 // 10:49 am - We bring together the most relevant Electronics Weekly content on a range of wireless technologies:

Wireless generally refers to an electronic process which is carried out without the use of a wired connection. Wireless communication is the transmission of information without the need of electrical conductors of any kind. The distances that wireless networks have been known to operate in can range from a few metres to thousands of kilometres.


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