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PSP Receives LBP, Gran Turismo, New Metal Gear This Fall? 50°
May 31, 2009 // 12:11 am - The biggest surprise so far at E3 hasn't come from either the Wii or Xbox 360.

Instead, the PSP has stolen the limelight with announcements that LittleBigPlanet Portable, Gran Turismo and even a new Metal Gear game may be on the way.

John Koller (Director of Hardware Marketing) unveiled the titles and also speculated that a release could be due this Fall.

He also stated "This should definitely come as exciting news for PlayStation fans, as another portable Metal Gear would be quite the system-seller for Sony's new PSP."

Although no...


Gran Turismo Has Competition Dubbed Need for Speed: Shift 550°
March 9, 2009 // 6:01 am - For years the Gran Turismo franchise has been the king of driving simulators. From it's days on the PlayStation to it's last release Gran Turismo 5: Prologue.

It has usually been the best looking driving game on the market and the most realistic driving expierence for racing fans. Though the guys at EA, and Slightly Mad Studios have a game that's coming for Gran Turismo's crown.

The game is Need for Speed: Shift. Now over the past couple of years, the recent Need for Speed's have continually gotten worse and worse, but the guys at Slightly Mad Studio plan to change that...


Video: Gran Turismo - Tanner Foust: Drifting 101 for PS3 400°
February 12, 2009 // 8:04 pm - Today a Gran Turismo - Tanner Foust: Drifting 101 video is available on YouTube.

The video's caption reads as follows:

Join Tanner Foust, two-time Formula Drift champion, as he walks you through the ins and outs of drifting and how to translate real-world driving techniques into techniques you can use in Gran TurismoŽ 5 Prologue.

Check out the video below, courtesy of YouTube user PlayStation:


Improving Gran Turismo 5's Visuals for the PlayStation 3 50°
January 27, 2009 // 3:44 am - Proper Graphics' 3D model of a Koenigsegg CCX to Gran Turismo 5's specifications caused quite a stir. Not only was it discussed across the web, the accompanying video clip was the seventh most popular on YouTube last week!

Yury Rybakov of the Belarus-based design studio dropped by our forums to help explain exactly why their model looked so much better than what we've seen in games so far.

Mr. Rybakov conceeds the Koenigsegg wasn't...


There's Gran Turismo 5, Any Other Good 2009 Racing Games? 100°
December 27, 2008 // 8:27 pm - Gran Turismo 5 is expected to be one of the best racing titles of 2009. Judging by the standards of GT5: Prologue, the combination of graphics and realistic handling, makes it one of the best titles out there.

However, what other games can we expect to be of good quality in 2009. In my opinion, none really can compare to GT5, but there are some still very good contenders. Below are some of my picks of worthy racing titles to get in 09. You tell me what you think.

Ferrari Project
Even though not much news has surfaced recently, the visuals provided are astounding...


Gran Turismo 5 for PlayStation 3 to have Christmas 2009 Release! 250°
November 30, 2008 // 4:17 am - From a very surprising yet highly reliable source, we've got the most likely and realistic Gran Turismo 5 release date!

Sony's chief executive in southern Europe, James Armstrong, revealed in a statement to Spanish newspaper El Financiero that we can expect the game to arrive (in Europe, at least) Christmas 2009.

Here's the full translated quote: "For next year, the chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment for southern Europe...


Gran Turismo 5: Prologue Details out via PlayStation Home BETA 50°
November 24, 2008 // 6:11 pm - Over at GTPlanet, Marky264 discovered that you can get some cool Gran Turismo 5: Prologue stuff, including future information about private multiplayer races, via PlayStation Home BETA.

This only applies to folks who received invites to try out the BETA version of PlayStation Home, and it should be noted that these selected individuals need to have or create a Japanese PS3 account.


Gran Turismo in Four Times the Resolution of Full HD at 2160p! 100°
November 20, 2008 // 10:37 pm - At a 10-year anniversary event, Polyphony Digital presented two technological trials for the next generation.

Both of the presentations were founded on the philosophy of "achieving the highest possible quality" held over the years by Gran Turismo... showing it off that at 2160p.

It was all part of a time trial showcasing Sony's latest SRX-S110 projector technology, which can support resolutions of 4096 x 2160 pixels.

To quote: One of these, was a time trial competition using Sony's newest digital cinema projector, the "SRX-S110". Gran Turismo 5...


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