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Nintendo Wii Homebrew Disc Loader v0.3 Released!

Nintendo Wii Homebrew Disc Loader v0.3 Released! 50°
326w ago - Today Sierradev has updated the Nintendo Wii Homebrew Disc Loader to v0.3, with it you can load homebrew programs from regular ISO9660 DVDs and it supports (sub)directories.

Download: Wii Homebrew Disc Loader v0.3

Changelog v0.3:

- Added support for meta.xml (name and long_description)
- Added support for DISCINFO-file (see above)
- Added eject- and retry-functions
- Fixed issue with scrolling through a long list
- Fixed issue where program crashed randomly due to a bug in memory allocation
- Changed name to Homebrew Disc Loader


- Graphical interface?
- Add loading from USB drive?
- Clean up code

Known issues:

- Programs like Quake, which depend on data files in the same directory as the program, may not work. At the moment, it is unclear whether and, if so, when this will be fixed.
- If the disc title is longer than 60 characters, it will wrap to the next line and the menu may scroll up.

Nintendo Wii SoftChip Backup Loader SVN Release Available

Nintendo Wii SoftChip Backup Loader SVN Release Available 350°
330w ago - Recently requiem4d has posted on GBATemp.net (linked above) news of a new Nintendo Wii "SoftChip" Backup Loader.

From the official Project Page:

Softchip is designed to allow booting of 1:1 backup discs on your Wii.


• Allow booting of 1:1 Wii Disc backups Region/Video patching to allow booting of imported discs and backups of imports
• As close to 100% compatibility as possible
• Compatibility with consoles of all drive types
• Allow booting of non-standard ISO9660 Homebrew Wii discs
• Store configuration to SD or USB drive to allow configurable autoboot


• Ability to use Ocarina-style codes
• Compatibility with Waninkoko's decrypted disc format
• Runtime patching of the System Menu & Starlet to use the Disc Channel to load discs
• Remove the need for any cIOS
• Allow 6x drive speed while running backup discs

SVN Link: SoftChip v0.0.1 Pre r8

Nintendo Wii Backup Loader Leaked to the Masses!!

Nintendo Wii Backup Loader Leaked to the Masses!! 700°
337w ago - It appears Waninkoko's Nintendo Wii Backup Loader have finally been publically leaked.

naes of GBATemp.net (linked above) has posted Wii_Loader.rar weighing in at 1.80 MB (1,892,832 bytes), and since then it has spread like wildfire across the Internet.

Download: Nintendo Wii Backup Loader / Nintendo Wii Backup Loader [Mirror]

As a result of the leak, Waninkoko is now quite upset, and announced that he no longer plans to work on the project- meaning very likely no new versions of it will come.

To quote: Backup-Loader is now an abandoned project. Congratulations, enjoy that version that has lots of bugs (yes, lots of bugs are not fixed).

How to use it:

1) Patch the iSO with the .exe that came in the download
2) Install the CiOS on your Wii
3) Install DVDX. Go to Advance and choose 249
4) Install Wii Loader
5) Burn the patched iSO with ImgBurn
6) Run the loader

Video: Zelda: Twilight Princess works with new Wii Backup Loader

Video: Zelda: Twilight Princess works with new Wii Backup Loader 200°
338w ago - Linkinworm1 has posted a video on YouTube showing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess working with the new Wii Backup Loader.

To quote: Just about enjoy, now this will be my last video before the final loader is made, I was thinking as well I could put this on an unlimited loop lol, load backup load loader load backup load loader :P

PS: I was modding 360 lol, thats why it's open. needed a clean aswell, dusty dusty.

Video is below, and the new Wii Backup Loader is currently pending a public release.. enjoy!


Video (Entertainment Only): PS3 iSO Loader with Madden '09 NFL

Video (Entertainment Only): PS3 iSO Loader with Madden '09 NFL 200°
338w ago - From JesJames90 via YouTube...

Caption reads: "Program to convert blu-ray images into demo files coming december 2008. Still trying to make the program user friendly, and testing this with other games besides madden 09. Will make better video when I buy a better camcorder."

Video is below, for entertainment purposes only


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