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God of War III PS3 Demo Hits PSN on November 19, 2009 200°
288w ago - According to Siliconera (linked above), a God of War III PS3 demo will be available from the Japanese PSN store on November 19, 2009.

This comes as part of a promotion for the Japanese version of Infamous, and codes will be issued which can be redeemed from November 19th through February, 2010.

To quote: "As a promotion for the Japanese version of Infamous, Sony is giving out codes to download a God of War III Japanese demo...

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Video: God of War: Collection PlayStation 3 Gameplay Footage 500°
290w ago - When Sony announced they would be releasing God of War and God of War II in one God of War: Collection package, many gamers became excited.

With new features like support for PS3 Trophies,...

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God of War III E3 2009 Demo Included in God of War Collection 100°
291w ago - A couple of weeks ago, a region-free remastered God of War combo pack was announced.

The pack would contain God of War I and God of War II, now digitally remastered in HD. The games will also now each feature their...

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Sony Confirms God of War Collection for PS3 is Region-Free 500°
294w ago - Sony has just confirmed to VG247 (linked above) that the PlayStation 3 God of War Collection, featuring God of War I & II, will indeed be region-free.

To quote: "Folks were wondering if it would be region locked since the European version will not be released until after the start of 2010.

Luckily, like most PS3...

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God of War Blu-ray Disc Compilation Arrives This Holiday Season 550°
294w ago - Update: The official boxart is now added below, and those interested can pre-order God of War: Collection for $39.99 from

SCEA Product Marketing Manager Anthony Caiazzo announced today that the God of War Collection - Blu-ray Disc Compilation will be available this holiday season.

To quote: The fans spoke and we listened. For those that recall the...

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Video: God of War 3 GamesCom 2009 PS3 Trailer Available 400°
296w ago - Today nzonechannel of German site (linked above) has shared a God of War 3 GamesCom 2009 PS3 trailer via YouTube.

God of War 3 is tentatively scheduled to be released in March 2010 on the PlayStation 3 console, and is expected to feature gameplay similar to that of previous installments.

To date, only two weapons have been confirmed: the trademark Blades of Athena, and the Cestus, a pair of fist gauntlets...

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God of War III for PS3 - Replayability Without Online Functionality 300°
297w ago - It's been drummed down our ears - God of War III will be a single player only experience, and from day one Santa Monica Studios made it clear that the game will have no online functionality.

Surely the re-playability of one of Sony's biggest titles is key, and with that thought in mind below are some ideas for GoW3, as follows:

Including a mode into God of War III were the player can battle through ever increasing waves...

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God of War 3 and ModNation Racers PS3 Fact Sheets Available 100°
299w ago - Today the official God Of War 3 PS3 Fact Sheet is available from Sony (via, linked above).

The ModNation Racers official PS3 Fact Sheet is also below, although it's been available for several weeks now but those interested can check it out too!

God Of War 3 Fact Sheet

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA)
Platform: PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3â„¢)
Genre: Action-Adventure

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God of War III for PS3 at Comic-Con with Blades of Chaos Replica 100°
300w ago - SCEA Product Marketing Manager Anthony Caiazzo has shared news that God of War III for PS3 will be at Comic-Con along with a Blades of Chaos Replica.

To quote: CHAOS IS COMING to the San Diego Comic Con this week! God of War will be showcased at this year's comic con giving fans access to one of the most highly anticipated games of 2010.

Play God of War III

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ESRB Censors Violent God of War 3 PlayStation 3 Videos 550°
300w ago - Late last night, the ESRB forced the removal of several gruesome God of War III trailers and replaced them with censored versions.

Two of the more notorious scenes shown thus far from the game, one where Kratos rips the eye out of a cyclops and one where Kratos tears the head of Helios from his body, were blocked out by a big 'censored by the ESRB' logo.

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