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PSP Internet Radio Developer Kit on the way 50°
382w ago - The release of firmware 3.80 brought Internet radio functionality to the PSP, allowing users to listen to a wide range of Internet radio stations with the use of an active WiFi connection.

It now appears that Sony has plans to extend this functionality by releasing a development kit that will enable users to create their own Internet radio player.

To quote: A developer kit for creating an Internet radio player will be provided...

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FlatOut PSP - looking good 50°
383w ago - Two things stand out in the FlatOut series - insane amounts of destruction and the rag-doll mini games, and these screens show both of those in full effect on the PSP sequel, FlatOut Head On.

It's no wonder it looks good - it's one of the few games lining up to take full advantage of the increased processing power of the PSP running in the new 333Mhz setting (which God of War will also use when it hits the portable).


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Video: FFVII being played on a PSP from the PS3 50°
383w ago - Check out the following video which highlights FFVII being played on the PSP from a PS3...

Courtesy of GameVideos- Enjoy!


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Official Custom Theme Converter v1.2.0.0 for PSP out! 50°
383w ago - Following the recent firmware 3.80 release, Sony has updated its custom theme creation utility to version The update is relatively minor, adding support for editing the Internet Radio icon found in 3.80.

Download: PSP Custom Theme Converter v1.2.0.0 / User Guide

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Pandora's Battery still works on new PSP Firmware v3.80 50°
383w ago - P1R473H4X0R has shared a new PSP firmware v3.80 video showing in order - upgrading from v1.50, picking up WiFi, new visualizer, radio players, and lastly Pandora's Battery.

Nice news indeed, and Enjoy!

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PSP Firmware v3.80 Update dumped and examined! 50°
383w ago - Dark_AleX has examined PSP firmware v3.80 changes, and here are the results:

They now know that with Pandora, we can always access the flash, so they've focused on locking down the PSAR and changing the format of the files/flash. Just more tactics to slow down decryption, but it won't work.

They have only changed the keys of the tables of filenames. The prx's keys are the same than in 3.7X.

However, there...

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PSP Media Manager Now Free To Download 50°
383w ago - Sony's PSP Media Manager is a decent enough piece of software. You click, you drag, you browse, it gets the job done. Only problem is, for some ridiculous reason, you have to pay for it. Stupid!

Stupid in the West, at least: Sony have announced that Japanese consumers can now download the software free of charge from their PlayStation Store. Sucky news for us, right? Not even close. Fumble your way through the Japanese install and you'll...

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Play all your PS1 games on your PSP... through Remote Play 50°
383w ago - According to various posts over at the official PlayStation forums, PSP firmware 3.80 and PS3 firmware 2.10 have silently added new functionality to allow users to play PS Store-bought PSOne games and original PSOne game discs on the PSP through Remote Play.

PSOne games via Remote Play also works...

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PSP Radio in 3.8 overcomplicates years of simplicity 50°
383w ago - A new feature brings Internet Radio to your PSP .. too bad the interface designers forgot to show up

I was personally excited about this one because it would mean that my PSP would finally have that trump card for my audio time vs. my iPhone on the road. And by road I mean a place with a steady interwebs connection of course.

But it seems like nothing with the PSP can be as simple as the line item in the firmware describing...

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PSP Firmware Update 3.80 released! 50°
383w ago - As scheduled, Firmware 3.80 is now officially available via Network Update. The complete changelog is detailed below.

Download: PSP Firmware 3.80 (US) / PSP Firmware 3.80 (EU)

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