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Make phone calls with your PSP! 100°
380w ago - Noobz has released their own PSP phone software today which works with both slim and regular PSP's. You can use it anywhere in the world, subject to signing-up to a suitable local SIP-based voice-over-IP provider and being near a usable wifi access point.

Download: Furikup - PSP SIP Phone

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GPS for Sony PSP coming to US 50°
380w ago - The GPS receiver for the Sony PSP is about to find its way out of Japan and into US gamers' hands.

According to Sony's CES 2008 page, "Your PSP will provide 2D/3D locations, driving directions, POI's, and even downloadable city guides."

No official release date or price - the peripheral in Japan retailed for approximately US $51. Of course, if you're impatient, you can always hack the PSP now.

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Sony introduces 16GB Memory Stick Duo for $300 650°
380w ago - Sony is reportedly finally launching the 16GB Memory Stick Duo in March with a retail price of $300 slapped on it.

To quote from the link above: Sony's finally getting really, really serious about the Memory Stick. The company is launching a hefty 16GB version of its loved / hated MS Duo.

There's not much else. It's a Memory Stick Duo. It's 16GB. It will be available in March for $300.


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Sony officially announce Skype for PSP details 50°
380w ago - Sony have officially announced today that it would introduce Skype features for the PSP (PSP-2000 series).

Skype services will be available after a software update scheduled for late January. To use Skype features on PSP you will need a Memory Stick Duo, a wireless Internet connection and a Skype-compatible audio input device.

Press Release:

TOKYO, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Computer Entertainment Inc....

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PSPTube++ BETA for 01/06/2008 released! 50°
380w ago - SofiyaCat has released an updated build of PSPTube. For those who don't know, PSPTube allows users with an active WiFi connection to watch videos from various online sources (such as YouTube) directly on their PSP.

Download: PSPTube++ BETA for 01/06/2008

The major highlight of this beta release is that support for viewing videos on DailyMotion...

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PSP Review - 'Medal of Honor: Heroes 2' 50°
380w ago - It's June 6th, 1944, and the war is in your hands. Step into the boots of OSS Operative John Berg and infiltrate Normandy from behind enemy lines to undermine the Nazi regime. Choose to tackle all-new missions in traditional single player campaign or engage in massive, 32-player online, continuous-joining multiplayer battles where you can jump into the battle at any time.

You just can't escape WWII games. PCs, consoles and now Sony's...

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PSP Skype Launching This Month, Slim Only? 500°
380w ago - According to Japan's Nikkei Electronic News, the recently announced PSP Skype functionality may be launching as early as this month in Japan and will be limited only to owners of the PSP Slim hardware revision.

Nikki reports that a microphone accessory for use with the service will be sold separately, while the Skype software itself will be offered as a free download to all Slim owners.

The service will not carry a charge...

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PSP Internal Hard Drive Mod video! 100°
380w ago - PvP_LostKnight added a 30GB hard drive to his PSP! There's apparently no size cap either, which means a hard drive well over 30GB in size can be installed. Files are accessed through the usbhost menu in iR Shell, as shown in the video below.

It's a very cool mod, but there is just one drawback. After installing the hard drive, you won't be able to access the UMD drive anymore. So if you're willing to do away with the UMD...

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PSP Solar Charger Misses the Point 50°
380w ago - When we first laid eyes on this PSP solar charger, we thought it looked pretty sweet. Seemingly attaching to the outside casing of your PSP, two solar panels could recharge our handhelds while we played endlessly on sunny days as we wasted our life away in hammock bliss.

For $28.76, that deal didn't sound bad at all.

And then we remembered. You can't play the PSP in the sun. The screen isn't bright enough to counteract all...

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PSP Motion Kit Driver and SDK BETA out! 50°
381w ago - Raphael released the first public BETA of his PSP motion kit driver today. The driver, which currently works on custom firmware 3.52 M33 and below, allows users to take advantage of motion sensing functionality either in the XMB or in games provided that you have the PSP motion kit installed.

Download: Motion Kit Driver v1.0b & SDK BETA [Right-click, Save, As]

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