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Hands-On Preview: Need for Speed: Undercover 50°
October 15, 2008 // 5:25 pm - It's a sobering thought that when the original The Need For Speed came out in 1994 - on the ill-fated 3DO, no less - the original PlayStation wasn't even on shop shelves. The series is now over 14 years old, which makes it one of the oldest racing franchises that's still active today; Only Mario Kart and Ridge Racer are longer in the tooth.

Over the course of the past decade the Need For Speeds have adopted several different styles and forms, but they reached a new level of popularity after the release of Need For Speed Underground. The sequel introduced a free-roaming element and...


Public LittleBigPlanet Preview Kicks Off this Week in Manchester 50°
September 9, 2008 // 4:43 pm - Don't Panic has sent word that the LittleBigPlanet advance preview will be kicking off in Manchester, England on September 12th as part of a PlayStation-sponsored event.

As well as the opportunity to play the game pre-release, there will be talks from some local artists who have already been creating contents in the LittleBigPlanet world, and gamers can stop by to share their creativity in LittleBigPlanet before the game's retail release in late October.

Entrance is completely free but space is limited, so be sure to head out early.

For all the details,...


Preview: Killzone 2 for PlayStation 3 50°
August 24, 2008 // 4:56 pm - What's the game about? By now you should be nicely familiar with Sony's long awaited first-person shooter for the PS3. It's been the highlight of several of the company's E3 press conferences, and has been steadily gaining hype as we've seen its cinematic visuals nearing the experience Guerrilla set out to achieve in the incredible target video released early on.

What's new for Games Convention? At E3 last month, Sony gave a rundown of all the multiplayer options that Killzone 2 will support -- a pretty darn substantial offering. At the Leipzig Games Convention, Sony allowed us to...


MadWorld Preview for Nintendo Wii 50°
August 22, 2008 // 3:27 pm - One of the most stylish and creative games coming to Wii!

What's the game about? MadWorld features over-the-top comedic violence in black-and-white with weapons that include chain saws and spiked walls into which you can throw enemies. It's one of the most stylish and creative games coming to Wii, and it's one of the first from Capcom-offshoot developer Platinum Games.

What's new for Games Convention? After MadWorld's first two press showings, I was growing concerned that the game might end up feeling repetitive. Encouragingly, the Games Convention demonstration seemed...


Preview: Killzone 2 Online Multiplayer Dazzles & Bots Confirmed 50°
August 21, 2008 // 7:43 pm - It's been a long wait, but I finally had the chance to engage in Killzone 2's much-anticipated online multiplayer at the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany. Teased at E3 in Los Angeles last month, I have been practically foaming at the mouth to give it a go. Here's how it went down.

I was lucky enough to be in the first session at the show, meaning that aside from internal testing, I was first outside of Guerrilla Games' development studio to play multiplayer. Prior to playing, our group of about 8 journalists received some prep, outlining many of the online features that we'd get...


Pre-E3: Mirror's Edge Preview for Xbox 360 50°
July 10, 2008 // 5:21 pm - The Game Developer's Conference back in February gave us the first substantial details on Mirror's Edge, which is being developed by Digital Illusions (better known to most of the world as DICE) for its now-parent company, Electronic Arts. And the demo didn't give us much beyond the gameplay concepts that are going into it.

Frankly, a more recent look at the game–which was presented at Electronic Arts' pre-E3 event last month in the Los Angeles area (though we were prohibited from talking about it until now)–didn't give us a whole lot more info, but the little tidbits are starting...


CXMB v2.3.1, 4.01 M33 Compatible HostCore Preview Released! 50°
July 3, 2008 // 6:42 pm - Poisonhzkj has issued a minor maintenance update to CXMB. Version 3.2.1 fixes a bug that caused the plug-in to crash at times when applying a new XMB theme.

Additionally, the issue of theme settings reverting back to default after exiting from a UMD title has been solved.

On a side note, the author mentioned that a 4.01 M33 compatible version of HostCore, which allows users to access media content and files on their PC from the PSP, is due out soon.

Download: PSP CXMB v2.3.1 / PSP...


Preview: Too Human in 10 Hours 50°
July 1, 2008 // 12:43 am - I played through Too Human, Silicon Knights' upcoming action RPG for Xbox 360, this weekend. The game has been the subject of heated controversy: A disappointing early version shown at E3 built up an army of vocal detractors, and Silicon Knights' outspoken President Denis Dyack has fired back some volleys of his own.

The near-final version that I played won't do much to settle the issue one way or the other: Too Human has a lot of redeeming qualities, but it isn't for everyone.

I'm caught in the middle -- I enjoy Silicon Knights' storytelling, but although some...


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