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Midway: Halo 3 will help BlackSite sell

Midway: Halo 3 will help BlackSite sell 50°
390w ago - In an interview in UK videogame trade paper MCV, a Midway representative has made the interesting claim that BlackSite (its forthcoming sci-fi FPS) will actually benefit from going up against Halo 3.

"BlackSite will absolutely benefit from the popularity of Halo, and stands a fair chance of hitting number one," Aidan Minter, European brand manager for the company told MCV.

And while we're not going to say he's wrong per se, it does seem like a fairly bold claim, don't you think? With a TV ad campaign that cost $10 million alone, and one million pre-orders already for Halo 3 we can't imagine any other 360 FPS released this year will get much of a look in - let alone one released just a month after it, regardless of how good it might turn out to be.

And then there's the small business of Haze, UT3 (also from Midway), Call of Duty 4, Medal of Honor: Airborne, Orange Box, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Turok, name but a few. Do all these other shooters coming out the same three month period benefit BlackSite too?

Norwegian game shop sells Halo 3 copies early, breaks street date by nearly 2 weeks!

Norwegian game shop sells Halo 3 copies early, breaks street date by nearly 2 weeks! 50°
390w ago - Choi Wang revealed that a Norwegian game shop called Expert today sold at least two copies of Halo 3 to the public, he added the following picture as proof. In the past, premature street date breaks have resulted in competitors following suit, if this occurs, we could all be purchasing Halo 3 a lot earlier than we thought.

Pachter: Halo To Sell 3 Million In 12 Days, $99 PS2?

Pachter: Halo To Sell 3 Million In 12 Days, $99 PS2? 50°
390w ago - Following the release of August's NPD numbers, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter stated that he anticipates September's top release will be Halo 3, which he expects to sell over 3 million units in its first 12 days.

Pachter also said the game is expected to drive console sales, and predicts that unit sales for Xbox 360 could exceed 400,000 in September in its highest figures of any non-holiday month since launch.

Aussie Halo 3 hits eBay

Aussie Halo 3 hits eBay 50°
390w ago - Australia, September 10, 2007 - Some people just can't wait. It's only a fortnight or so until the official launch of Halo 3, with September the 25th locked in as the day the Master Chief finishes the fight.

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