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PS3 GTA IV runs at Lower Resolution than X-Box 360 500°
364w ago - Some knowledgeable folks over at Beyond3D have found that the X-Box 360 version of GTA IV runs at a resolution of 720p (1280–720), but the PS3 version only runs at 630p (1120–630).

To quote Quaz51: Regardless PS3 media look better for me, the light and atmosphere is more real (maybe HDR vs X360 MDR, post-process...)

A game store employee reiterates stating: Played both versions in the game store last night where...

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Has GTA IV changed Video Gaming forever? 200°
364w ago - GTA 4 goes on world-wide release tomorrow (although numerous retailers have starting selling it), and while it'll undoubtedly go down in history as one of the greatest games ever made, its effect on the industry as a whole might not be so great.

You see, GTA 4 is so brilliant, so far ahead of pretty much ever other game released on consoles to date, that it's going to be hard to get back into the groove of playing 'normal' games.

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GameTrailers GTA IV Video Review out! 50°
364w ago - Below is a 10 minute video review of the upcoming GTA IV by Rockstar.

The review covers gameplay, presentation, story, and an overall verdict. The review is quite detailed and shows a fair portion of real gameplay, by that I mean non-cutscene work.

Anyway, enjoy:

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GTA IV PS3 sells in Switzerland's Media Markt 50°
364w ago - Grand Theft Auto IV is now available at Media Markt in Meyrin. user Diablox9 shows us proof with images and a video. Once again, the GTA IV release date has been broken!

Video below:

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Confirmed: GTA IV - It IS Better on the PS3! 50°
364w ago - Sure, Gamoc's blog on Thursday was written mostly from the heart, but this morning IGN's exclusive GTA IV review was posted, and confirms much of what we said two days ago.

The perfect scoring game, with 10s across the board, clearly states that for those wanting to know which version looks better, the edge goes to the PS3. The textures and framerate are comparable, but the...

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The Pirate Bay temporarily known as Liberty Bay! 50°
364w ago - Swedish BT site 'The Pirate Bay' has temporarily changed it's name to 'Liberty Bay' in honor of it's collection of (6) torrents for the full version of GTA IV for the X-Box 360.

These illegal torrents are how the majority of people are getting to play this game before release date. The game weighs in at around 6.2 - 7.3 GB depending on which one you go for.

Needless to say, I highly suggest you be an honest gamer and wait...

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GTA IV Euphoria Behavioral Physics System Impressive! 50°
364w ago - Grand Theft Auto IV's physics haven't received much attention, but it's one of the first major titles to use the new Euphoria behavioral physics system.

It was heavily touted in previews for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and will also power the dynamic tackles in the upcoming football game, BackBreaker.

To get a quick idea of how fun the new physics can be, have a look at the following video below:

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Niko's Past: New GTA IV Trailer available! 50°
364w ago - Here is a new GTA IV Trailer in which Niko talks about his past.

They are still releasing trailers for this game even though most of it is viewable on Youtube and the likes (until it gets deleted after about an hour of it being put there)

Good to see that Rockstar are still persevering.

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GTA IV Better on PS3 Comment Blown out of Proportion 50°
364w ago - Multiple comments and rumors are circulating around the Internet that involve people arguing about which console will have the better version of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Comments made by Adriaan on the Web site yesterday were blown way out of proportion. Both versions of the game offer an unparalleled experience. Both versions offer superior graphics. Both versions will have excellent online capabilities. After playing both versions for...

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Jack Thompson hounds Rockstar boss'... MOTHER 100°
364w ago - Jack Thompson, the anti-GTA lawyer, has fumed at the production of the "murder simulator" GTA IV in a letter sent to the MUM of Rockstar boss Strauss Zelnick.

Thompson suggested that she should be "ashamed of herself" in the letter, which has been reported on in the Metro.

"The pornography and violence that your son traffics in is the kind of stuff that most mothers would be ashamed to see their son putting into the...

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