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Hacked2123 Secret Project - Program XMB_2.0_BETA( 50°
393w ago - This is the secret project I'm working on. It's still in its very early stages and I intend on working on it more but I have little but minutes to spend on it each day.

I made THIS IMAGE deceiving for reason, check it out now and see how advanced those Icons were for day two of released firmware 2.0.

Well anyways, its gonna be improved more and more as to how I see the REAL XMB_2.0 should look and feel, and I'll keep you informed as it comes along. Just extract this...

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EZ Flash V Kernel 1.62 released! 50°
395w ago - New kernel for EZ Flash V cards is now released!

Download: EZ5 kernel v1.62

Fixes and improvements since 1.61:

. Fixed the file browser display error when broswing a homebrew without a icon.
. Launch hombrew no longer have the save action.
. Fixed the rumble when launching a homebrew
. Fixed the white screen after quitting the WFC setting
. Fixed the L+R+Start+Select game internal reset to title
. Fixed the saver backup order between games...

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DosFlash v1.3 Beta - Flash BenQ F Drives 50°
396w ago - As of right now, only nforce and VIA chipsets are supported in 100% software read/write of the BenQ drive with DosFlash(info). Success varies dependent upon which motherboard you have (intel (ICH) seems to be problematic combined with VIA. Also the iXtreme firmware for the BenQ drives has not yet been released. However, you can use this to get your DVD drive's code to replace it with an iXtreme flashed Samsung or Hitachi.

Download: DosFlash v1.3 Beta (soft flashing with NForce and VIA supported)


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New Supercard DS One Model 50°
399w ago - The SuperCard DS One v2 (MicroSDHC) is a new Slot-1 solution. It works with normal MicroSD card and MicroSDHC. Support for MicroSDHC is the new big feature with supported cards over 32 gigs!

Features and Details:

- Plug 'n Play(No FlashMe, No PassMe, No conversion required).
- 100% Clean Rom Support. 100% capatibility.
- No PC software required, just Drag 'n Drop file from PC to flash memory card.
- Hardware save support. Easy to backup and exchange saves with other players.
- Blue-Light engine included. Supports High speed flash memory card without...

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CycloDS Evolution Firmware v1.2 out 50°
400w ago - CycloDS Evolution Firmware v1.2 has been released, along with the first release of our new "Evolution Tools" software package and an update to the Moonshell media player - all of which are available for download from the support page. There have been a large number of changes between firmware versions 1.13 and v1.2 so only the most important are listed here. For the full list of changes please see the readme file.

Get it here: CycloDS Evolution Firmware v1.2

Major changes for this release include:

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New Supercard DS One firmware: OS SP5 50°
402w ago - New software from Supercard team, here's whats new:

Download it here: SuperCard DS ONE OS 2.0 SP5

1.Optimized patch code. Resumed to support save to SD directly in patch mode. This function is very useful, player DO NOT need to worry about losting save when battery out.
2.Rewrited the display code of game guide, there is no size limitation of game guide file.
3.Fixed homebrew can not be patched error when "save patch" unselect.
4.Seperated the patch datebase and save...

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