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Slingbox is Coming to Sony's PS3 Entertainment System

266w ago - Sony's PS3 Entertainment System is expanding once again, this time adding support for Slingbox via an upcoming PlayStation 3 Firmware update.

For those unaware, Slingbox is an external device used to record and stream television programs recorded from your cable box/satellite dish to your Internet-enabled devices.

To quote: "In an interview at CES 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada with Leo Laporte The Tech Guy, Jay Tannenbaum of Slingbox mentioned that Slingbox will be headed towards the Sony PlayStation 3.

SlingBox's main goal is to bring their box and application to any hardware connected to the Internet just like what Netflix is already trying to do. With Slingbox everything is free aside from the SlingBox and internet connection."

Finally, similar to the PlayStation Video Store, it may be possible (although currently unconfirmed) to transfer content you've recorded from your Slingbox to your PSP so you can watch wherever you'd like on the "Go".

Persona 3 Portable Coming to PSP for North America in July 2010

266w ago - Today Atlus' Manager of Public Relations and Sales Aram Jabbari has revealed that Persona 3 Portable is coming to PSP for North America in July, 2010.

To quote: We bring good news. By "we" we mean Atlus, the publisher with the penchant for bringing edgy, outside-the-box RPGs to North America.

The good news? Persona 3 Portable, the handheld-ization of the award-winning beloved Persona 3, is coming to PSP and the PlayStation Store (for all you PSPgo owners out there) this July.

So aside from being the portable version of one of the highest-rated RPGs of all time, why exactly should you want to play Persona 3 Portable? I'm glad you asked...

For one, P3P takes what was easily already a 100+ hour adventure, one with an innovative day/night structure that mixes satisfying dungeon crawling combat with addicting social sim elements, and expands dramatically upon it.

With the new option to play the entire game through with a female protagonist, players will encounter a series of new events, social links, and romantic possibilities, all the while experiencing the acclaimed Persona 3 narrative from a fresh new perspective. Even hardcore fans who finished the original game will find something...

Sony Exec Reveals Bravia Internet Video Link Coming to PS3

266w ago - In a recent interview, COO and President of Sony Electronics USA Stan Glasgow revealed that Bravia Internet Video Link is coming to the PS3 entertainment system.

The free HD Internet video streaming service gives users content from providers such as YouTube, AOL LLC, Yahoo Inc, Amazon, Netflix and more.

Although no specific details are available about it at the moment, Glasgow did confirm that the PlayStation 3 will get support for the Bravia Internet Video Link service in addition to other video streaming services in the near future.

To quote: "There's no indication if this will or won't make its way beyond the US border but we can always hope.

More streaming video services would definitely be welcome on the PS3, but assuming you can view this website you can probably do everything this will promise to do but on your PC."

Video: 3D Dot Game Heroes for PS3 is Coming to Europe

267w ago - Today Southpeak Games European PR Manager Rob Burman has announced that 3D Dot Game Heroes for PS3 is coming to Europe.

To quote: I'm here to announce a brand new PlayStation 3 exclusive: 3D Dot Game Heroes - a nostalgic wonder-fuelled time-travelling trip back to the glory days of 8-bit gaming. And it's coming to Europe this May. Rejoice!

3D Dot Games Heroes takes its inspiration from classic role-playing games released on ancient consoles that are now appearing on the Antiques Roadshow.

In fact, people who played videogames throughout the 1980s will fall to their knees and weep when they see Dot's many homages to the games that defined their childhood (I've seen it happen). It's a virtual trip down memory lane complete with swords, wizards and monsters.

However, this is modern retro, so it has splendid PlayStation 3-powered graphics that give traditional sprites a new 3D lease of life, simple pick-up-and-play controls, which hark back to a time when you didn't need a load of buttons just to open your inventory, and a fun tongue-in-cheek storyline with plenty of links to the past... ahem.

But, one of the greatest features of 3D Dot Game Heroes (and there...

Video: Sony's PS3 Movie Service Qriocity Coming February 2010

268w ago - Just under a month ago we reported on a 'Qriocity' trademark filed by Sony, and sonyinsider has now made available a video of the on-demand movie service that is coming to PS3 in February, 2010.

To quote from the video's caption: "We shot exclusive video footage during CES 2010 of a new Sony service called Qriocity, starting in February, and it is the basically the beginning of the Sony Online Service.

Sony is going to bring streaming SD and HD to the consumer, but we're not sure on pricing and I'm starting to believe there might be a subscription model. It's significance is so strong that it will be added as a main icon on the XMB and as a button on many 2010 Sony remote controls that belong to networked TV's and Blu-ray players.

Movies will be available in HD and SD for streaming, and have titles from 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Walt Disney Pictures, Lionsgate, Warner Brothers, Universal, MGM, and of course Sony Pictures. I was able to watch the HD version of The Taking Of Pelham 1 2 3 for an extended version of time and felt that it was similiar to 720p/1080i quality with the 6mbps connection they had,...
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