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PSM Becomes Playstation: The Official Magazine

PSM Becomes Playstation: The Official Magazine 50°
385w ago - Kotaku's mention of the return of The Official PlayStation Magazine with a new name, PlayStation: The Official Magazine, a couple of weeks ago, what I didn't see is that it's going to replace PSM, the independent PlayStation magazine. Issue 130 of PSM arrived at my door today telling me so, even letting me know that at least the first new PTOM will ship with a Blu-ray disc of demos.

Ah of course, a physical disc of demos bundled with a paper-based magazine, that's exactly what the PlayStation 3 needs. If only the console had a high-speed digital distribution system for getting demos into the hands of end-users without having to buy a physical magazine and disc. If only it had a web browser built in that could show web content like a monthly web magazine and can even download audio and video files to, I don't know, a hard drive built in standard? And what about a handheld that had a web browser and cheap flash storage that could accept downloads of audio and video files, wouldn't that be a great handheld to write a magazine for? Why, a web magazine could make its stories even more timely, couldn't it?

The other shoe falls on the Sony’s PS3 chip sale

The other shoe falls on the Sony’s PS3 chip sale 50°
385w ago - For the past couple of days, the news everywhere has been reporting how, Sony sold it's Cell Chip business to Toshiba: "Sony has sold it's billion dollar cell chip business to Toshiba after months of speculation. The deal will be finalized before Toshiba can officially operate facilities and production."

What everybody seemed to miss about this news -especially me– was that these 'advanced' Cell processors were in fact the obsolete chip. As reghardware.co.uk sagely reports, Sony reaffirms IBM as 45nm Cell partner: the upcoming 45nm Cell chip for the PS3 will have, "a lower power and lower cost processor for its next-gen games console.. Sony's agreement to sell its [only it's] Nagasaki processor production plant to Toshiba.."

That is, Sony dumped its outmoded Nagasaki fab plant on Toshiba, which now only can produce 65nm semiconductors and IBM will manufacture the new state-of-art 45nm Cell processor at its East Fishkill, New York facility for Sony's latest game machines.

MGS Portable Ops+ gets dated; no MGS4 PSN demo

MGS Portable Ops+ gets dated; no MGS4 PSN demo 50°
385w ago - Do you remember when your fake ID couldn't fool the bouncer, leaving you outside sober, cold, and distanced from the girl you were looking to at least play ball with? That's kind of how we're feeling right now, after learning on the latest Kojima Productions podcast that there are no plans to bring a demo of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots to the PlayStation Store prior to launch.

Host Ryan Payton stated: "I can tell you, as of right now, we don't have any plans of uploading this demo on the PlayStation Store." And definitely, he added, no plans of "uploading [on PSN] next week." His statements were echoed by Konami's new flak master, Michael Shelling, adding "[E for All] is going to be your one chance to actually play it prior to it launching next year."

Yeah, while this news is certainly a crushing blow to the Metal Gear Solid fan base (many of which help run Joystiq), there was at least a little positive news: Shelling revealed that Konami has gone gold with Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops+, and is planning to release the game on November 13. That's a little antiseptic to the wound, no?

Sony Denies Surge Protector Voided PS3 Warranty

Sony Denies Surge Protector Voided PS3 Warranty 50°
385w ago - This post in the PlayStation forums claims that Sony Customer Service told the owner of a bricked PS3 that plugging his console into a surge protector had voided his warranty, and that he'd have to pay $150 to have the unit repaired.

This sounded pretty unlikely to us, so we contacted Sony and were told that, no, plugging your PS3 into a surge protector does not void your warranty. Duh. Ok, they didn't actually say "Duh," but it was clearly implied.

Sony will be contacting the customer with the bricked PS3 to resolve the matter and sort out any misunderstandings.

New PlayStation 3 SKUs boost sales 178 per cent

New PlayStation 3 SKUs boost sales 178 per cent 50°
385w ago - Third highest week of sales since launch

PlayStation 3 hardware sales jumped 178 per cent last week with the introduction of two new SKUs, helping the system record its third highest week since launch in the UK.

Data supplied to GamesIndustry.biz reveals that although Sony's console enjoyed a considerable sales boost, Nintendo's DS was still the best-selling hardware system in the UK, followed by the Wii and then the PS3, with the Xbox 360 behind its home console rival.

Two new PS3 models were introduced to market last Wednesday. A 40GB model with less functions has gone on sale for GBP 299, and the 60GB model has been reduced to GBP 349, bundled with two free first-party games.

PS3 software has also enjoyed a resurgence, with Resistance: Fall of Man climbing the all-formats charts from 22 to eight, Heavenly Sword re-entering the top 40 at number 14, MotorStorm moving from 22 to 18, and Formula 1: Championship Edition also back in the official charts at number 24.

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