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You searched the database for ps3 firmware 3.56. Below are the results for your ps3 firmware 3.56 search:

Sony showcases two BD-Live players, PS3 to get firmware upgrade 50°
January 6, 2008 // 8:58 pm - According to the Web site above, Sony is showcasing two new prototype BD Live players which will both be at profile 2.0.

Sony also reportedly indicate that the PS3 will also get a BD Live upgrade in the future.

To quote: At the Sony booth, they are showcasing two new prototype BD-Live players. The Sapphire 3 and 4 will both be Profile 2.0.

Sony also has indicated that the PS3 will get a BD-Live upgrade sometime in the future.


Benq iXtreme Firmware v1.41 released! 50°
January 4, 2008 // 1:31 pm - C4E has released a new build of his hacked firmware for the Benq VAD6038 Xbox 360 DVD drive.

This new build includes a read sector fix and 8x firmware dashboard speed fix.

Download: Benq iXtreme Firmware v1.41

Changelog from the ReadMe:

(v1.41) Read Sector fix
(v1.41) 8x firmware dashboard speed fix


PS3 NAND Dump Extractor released! 750°
December 31, 2007 // 8:27 pm - Tonight mainman has released the PS3 NAND Dump Extractor/Unpacker that has been in the works for awhile!

Download: PS3 NAND Dump Extractor

It comes with a Windows and Linux binary as well as source code, and those without an Infectus Mod can still experiment with it using the following 'dumpable dumps' files (via PS3 Infectus) available in iRC EFnet #PS3News when merged:

samsungk9f1g08uoa_a-_www.PS3News.com_.rar [54.2...


PS3 Firmware Tool 1.00 Sneak Peek 400°
December 20, 2007 // 8:15 pm - Over the past few weeks, mainman has been working on a tool, with the assistance of our other PS3 Devs. This tool creates user-readable files from the PS3 flash dumps.

PS3's have two flashes, the firmware is spanned across both ot them. On boot they are interleaved and byte swapped. This tool recreates the process which interleaves and byte swaps the flashes.

This tool then creates a folder named PS3Nand-XXX.XXXX, where XXX.XXXX is the contents of "sdk_version", which is a file that stores the firmware revision of the PS3.

Upon completing that, the...


New Wiiktus Firmware v1.2 BETA released! 50°
December 20, 2007 // 8:39 am - Infectus has announced the release of Wiiktus Firmware v1.2 BETA for their Argon/Infectus mod-chip line.

Download: Wiiktus Firmware v1.2 BETA

The Argon with Wiiktus Firmware has been tested and confirmed working perfectly on D2C Wii USA and JAP versions.

Additionally, the new Infectus 2 will be available on January 10th, 2008 for those interested. Below is a picture of the Argon...


Latest PS3 Firmware 2.10 Update blocks RSX exploit? 50°
December 18, 2007 // 3:36 pm - Many users are reporting that the latest PS3 Firmware v2.10 may well have cancelled a potential RSX exploit that allowed full GPU access on the PS3.

It is no secret that Sony likes to tackle against any potential hacks, and if this is true it would be a discouragement to further Linux development under full GPU access on the PS3.

As always, only time will tell for sure...


Pandora's Battery still works on new PSP Firmware v3.80 50°
December 18, 2007 // 3:19 pm - P1R473H4X0R has shared a new PSP firmware v3.80 video showing in order - upgrading from v1.50, picking up WiFi, new visualizer, radio players, and lastly Pandora's Battery.

Nice news indeed, and Enjoy!


PSP Firmware v3.80 Update dumped and examined! 50°
December 18, 2007 // 3:04 pm - Dark_AleX has examined PSP firmware v3.80 changes, and here are the results:

They now know that with Pandora, we can always access the flash, so they've focused on locking down the PSAR and changing the format of the files/flash. Just more tactics to slow down decryption, but it won't work.

They have only changed the keys of the tables of filenames. The prx's keys are the same than in 3.7X.

However, there is a little surprise in a form of new compression algorithm called KL4E, this time sysmem and loadcore are also compressed. Plus... again new nids.


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